Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dipping some Last Night on Earth (LNOE) Zombies

I liked the results of using the dip so much on my HO people, I decided to try it on some LNOE Zombies. This time I was a little more experienced with the dip method and was careful to remove the excess dip quickly by dabbing with a piece of tissue paper. The tissue paper worked nicely to wick away the extra dip, leaving just enough to help pick out the rich details of these minis.

There are 14 zombies included in the LNOE Basic Game, as well as 8 heroes. The zombies come in multiples of 3 different poses, with 4 women (all in the same pose), and 8 men. The men are in 2 pose groups, 4 standing with the right arm extended, and 6 with both arm extended away from their bodies.

I first spray primed all of the minis with a flat white primer from WalMart. Once dry I block painted them assembly line style with craft paints. And then went back over them with red brown and black over the wounds - a method I saw described on another blog, but I can't find the blog again to them credit. :( Sorry, whoever you are, it was a great method and I really like the results. As soon as I find you again I'll give you proper credit. :)

Here's some Pics.

LNOE Zombie Ladies Front view:
LNOE Zombie Girls

LNOE Ladies Back view:
LNOE Zombie Girls back

LNOE Guys 1 Front view:
LNOE Zombie Guys 1

LNOE Guys 1 Back view:
LNOE Zombie Guys 1 back

LNOE Guys 2 Front view (1st three):
LNOE Zombie Guys 3

LNOE Guys 2 Front view (2nd three):
LNOE Zombie Guys 2

LNOE Guys 2 Back view (2nd three):
LNOE Zombie Guy 2 back

All of the LNOE Zombies together:
LNOE Zombies

Size comparison pic - converted Horrorclix "zombie" (green scrubs) with a LNOE Zombie
Converted Horrorclix and LNOE Zombie

Size Comparison pic - LNOE Zombie with a Heroclix Thug
LNOE Zombie and & Heroclix thug

I enjoyed painting these minis, and I thought the dip method worked well for them. Thanks for looking.


slobberblood said...

Nicely done, I still have some zombies to complete myself, dipping is the way to go with hundreds of figs for sure!

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks and thanks for posting, Slobberblood. I'm really liking this method now that I finally tried it.