Monday, February 21, 2011

15mm X-COM Farm Game Board & Sectoids

Hi, folks. I've been doing a little more work on my X-COM project.

The board is 2'x 2' and made from four 1' vinyl floor tiles which have had model RR grass mat glued to them. It's further subdivided into 16 six inch squares, each with some different features, all of which represent the terrain seen on-screen in the farm in the X-COM computer game. It amazes me how much variety you can get in such a small space. There is a small apple orchard, a grove of stumps (Zuzzy Minis) some crop sections made from sections of outdoor carpet or pipe cleaners, stone walls (JR miniatures) and some walls scratchbuilt from cork coasters; rail fences (JR minis), tall and low hedges (Pot scrubber variety), and a WIP scratchbuilt barn (built to scale from screen shots). I still need to stain the wood (coffee stirrers) on the barn and add a staircase and second floor. Still pending also is a farmhouse and stable complex. The buildings will all have playable interiors.

My Sectoids are Rebel Minis Greys. These are great little minis for a great price. I did a simple pj on them, based on the Sectoid colors from the X-COM PC game. Primed them with gray primer, painted the eyes black, ray guns are green and silver. A couple of leader types have a blue cape as well. (You don't see that in the PC game, no clothing on the Sectoids, but I don't mind.) Then just a black wash, sand and flock the bases and seal with a matte spray acrylic sealer. Here's pics.

Pic above shows the Sectoids, ready to begin their evil mission on Earth.

Pic above shows an X-COM Heavy Weapon Platform (GZG missile drone) finding a Sectoid hiding in the old orchard.

Pic above shows an X-COM trooper (Khurasan Minis Sepulvedan Resistance Fighter) investigating the strange light coming from the old barn. A Sectoid Leader is waiting for him to come into his line of fire. The blue light in the barn is from a little battery-op Christmas tea light that strobes through different colors of light.

The last pic shows one of those sneaky Sectoids getting into a sniping position.

Thanks for looking. Next up will be more work on the farm buildings, and maybe a Cyberdisk and small flying saucer.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15mm X-Com

Hi, folks. I recently started playing the X-Com UFO Defense PC game again. It was released on Steam with an improved DosBox version that actually works on my laptop. If you're not familiar with X-Com, this was a great series of PC games from the early 90's, wherein you control X-Com, an organization tasked with combating an alien invasion of Earth. You control research, there's an economic element, but the most fun part is the squad-level tactical combat, with troops and weapons that get better over time and missions and enemies that get harder. It's a great game, and last time I checked it was about $5 to download on steam. If you've never tried it, give it a shot. I bet you'll love it.

Anyway, I can't claim the idea of trying X-Com in 15mm is original to me. Fellow TMPer Thorlongus posted some pics of his Critical Mass Games Snakemen for 15mm X-COM while back. I've stolen... erm... adopted some of his ideas for my own effort. (Also have some Snakemen on order from CMG. Here's what I've got so far.

I chose to use Khurasan minis for my X-Com forces. The Sepulvedan Resistance Fighters (now listed as Low/Mid-Tech Humans in Ballistic Vests)
are a pretty good match for your initial, unarmored, low tech X-COM squaddies. As tech level goes up I'll use Khurasan 15mm High-Tech Humans in Body Armour, and eventually Khurasan 15mm High-Tech Humans in Assisted Power Armour.

In X-COM you can add small tanks to your squad called Heavy Weapon Platforms (HWPs). They come in increasing tech levels, armed with either cannons or missiles, and either tracked or hover. To represent these I got some Ground Zero Games Wheeled Drones with Autocannons and some Wheeled Drones with Missiles, as well as some UAV Hover Drones armed with guns or missiles.

Here's a few pics:

Pic above shows the basic sqaddies.

Pic above is a couple of the HWPs with a Khurasan mini for scale.

Pic above shows all of the HWPs with the same mini for scale.

Squad needed a transport plane. X-COM uses a plane called a Skyranger which resembles a space shuttle. I found a Revell Snap-Tite Space Shuttle model that was pretty close to a Skyranger. I did a little converting but it could be a lot better. It's too long and too narrow, the wing should be on top, and a lot of other little things. Here's some pics.

Pic above shows the team disembarking, led by a couple of HWPs.

Different angle.

Pic above shows the whole unit deployed.

Well, there's the first of the good guys. Now for the Bad Guys.

There are a bunch of Aliens who fight X-COM. Sectoids, Mutons, Snakemen, Floaters and assorted hangers-on. These will also have to be close proxies as nobody makes them. However, there are some pretty good choices out there on the market.

Sectoids: Rebel Minis Grays. The armed ones. I got a pack of those primed and ready for painting.
Snakemen: Critical Mass Games. Mercs-Astagar Fighters.
Mutons: Rebel Minis Super Heroes. Mutons look like heavily muscled men in tights.Several of these will make nice Mutons. They're primed, too.
Chrysalids: Chrysalids are close combat support troops that work with some of the main alien types. I'm using Khurasan Minis Plutonians to represent these.

I'm also working on a small Alien Scout ship, and a 2x2 foot terrain board. The terrain board is going to be one of the farms where many of the missions occur.

Thanks for looking,


15mm Firefly Progress Update

A while back I started on a little project to get some minis for Firefly gaming. Because I'm nuts I'm doing it in both 15 and 28mm. :) I had some 15mm Armed Space Crew from Splintered Light minis. I had Mal, Zoe, and Jayne. Today I finished off the rest of the crew using Ground Zero Games SG15-X04B Free Trader Crew and Passengers Pack B. Now I've got the complete crew ready. Next up are some GZG SG15-X06 & 07 Ravagers I'll use as Reavers, and some more GZG minis for purple bellies.

Here's some pics:

Pic above shows the GZG additions

Pic above shows teh GZG and Splintered Light minis together. I think they fit together pretty well.

Thanks for looking.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

15mm Ork Killa Kan Def Dread

A while ago I painted up a Killa Kan. It's a little too large so I'll use it as a Def Dread. Here are the new Killa Kans, made from AT-43 Walkers. I repainted them and did a little conversion to add some close combat weapon made from Mechwarrior chainsaws. Those were kindly provided to me by OrdinaryBass from TMP.

Pics above and below show one of the new Killa Kans with a Ground Zero Games Alien Merc for size comparison.

Pics above and below show another one of the new Killa Kans with a Ground Zero Games Alien Merc for size comparison. This one has a cool buzz-saw type blade.

Pics above and below show a different Killa Kan with a double chainsaw with a Ground Zero Games Alien Merc for size comparison.

Pic below is a size comparison showing from Left to right: Killa Kan, Alien Merc and the Def Dread in front of an H/O scale building for scale.

There's another project done now. Thanks for looking.