Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines

I finally painted some Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines, mainly the Earth Force Marines Infantry, Heavy Weapons, and Gun Teams. I really like these minis. They are richly detailed and just plain cool looking. I'm planning on using them as ground pounders with my Combat Wombat armor. I also have some of the new Rebel Minis Armored Troops which I need to get painted, as well as a couple of the Infiltrator Cycles.
Pic below is a tripod mounted autocannon and spotter from the Gun Team

Next one is a couple of EF Marines with missile launchers.

Here's a couple of EF Marines with autocannons.

Here's a couple of EF Marines for security for the Gun Teams

Here's the sniper with his spotter.

I just did a basic paintjob on these guys but I'm pleased with the way they look. Probably because the minis are so nice that they practically paint themselves. Thanks for looking.

More Combat Wombat Vehicles

Hi, everyone. I just painted some new Combat Wombat Miniatures vehicles. Scotty even threw in one of the new Saracen IFVs as a freebie.
Pic below shows the new Saracen GEV IFV. I really like the way this one looks. I made one small conversion using a different gun barrel. Then I added a wire antenna and a decal.

Pic below shows a LAV GEV APC. Also added a wire antenna and a decal. I have a platoon of these.

Final pic is a Combat Wombat Heavy Grav Tank. This time I added a wire antenna and 2 decals.

I really like the Combat Wombat vehicles. Great detail and cool design at an excellent price. Thanks for looking.

Combat Wombat Bullfrog Lander & Others

Hi, folks. I finally was able to get my new Combat Wombat Miniatures Bullfrog Lander and pod painted. This is one of the new sculpts that CW just released. I saw pictures of it on his website in the "Skunk Works" where he shows pics of his upcoming projects and have been waiting for it to come out. I went with a simple mettallic pj with a black-wash. I figure ships going in and out of the atmosphere probably don't have much paint, plus it's a lot easier paint job. :)

Pic below shows the Bullfrog Lander with the pod in place, with a Rebel Minis Earth Force Marine for scale.

Pic below shows the Bullfrog Lander with the pod removed, with a Rebel Minis Earth Force Marine for scale.

Pic below shows the Bullfrog Lander pod with a Rebel Minis Earth Force Marine for scale.

Final pic shows the Pod with a Combat Wombat Command Bunker and Rebel Mini Earth Force Marine. Scotty from Combat Wombat gave me that bunker as a freebie with this order, as well as one of the new Saracen IFVs.

I really like the Bullfrog Lander and Pod. It's perfectly sized to go with the Command Bunker, too. One of my projects is to make a little forward camp from the Pods and bunkers, with some CW Defense Turrets also. I'm also planning on getting some of the Atlas GEV hauling vehicles to use to move the camp around.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

15mm Sci Buildings from electrical boxes

About a year ago there was a thread on TMP by JRacel featuring some 15mm Sci Buildings made from electrical boxes. I have revisited this thread a lot since and finally got around to making some of my own. Mine are pretty much just copies of his. I used some components from a Platformer set, like his, and some Hirst Arts Sci Fi bitz, as well as some bits from The Scene UK. These things were pretty inexpensive, the boxes cost between 2 and 4 dollars, the Scene UK pieces were very reasonable, and the HA bits I already had. Here's some pics:
Pic below shows the orange building with mainly Hirst Arts bits. There is a nice radar dish from The Scene UK on the roof. I've left it removable so I can use it elsewhere.

Pic below shows a Platformer door piece.

Pic below with vents from The Scene UK and the radar dish.

I really enjoyed making these. Thanks a lot to JRacel for the cool idea and pics in his TMP thread.

Thanks for looking,


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

15mm Shia Khan Orksis and not Killa-Kan

Hi, everybody. I just posted some pics of some Shia Khan that I'm using as Orksis (Orks in Space). I've only painted 6 so far, but they are nice minis with great detail that are fun to paint. I also repainted a Mutant Chronicles Vulkan's Fist Battlesuit that I'm using as a Killa Kan/Walker. I got a couple of them from Fantasy Flight Games during their recent big sale and 3 AT43 Red Blok Lieutenant Dragomira battlesuits as well.

Pic below shows the Shia Khan Maligs and a Malig Heavy Weapons

Pic below shows a Shia Khan Malig Heavy Weapons with a Ground Zero Games Alien Merc. I'm using both as Orksis.

Pic below shows a Vulkan Fist before repaint.

Pic below shows a Vulkan Fist after repaint, now ready to be a Killa Kan.

Here's a pic showing the Killa Kan with minis for size comparison.

So there you go, Noel. :) Your turn.

Thanks for looking,


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Combat Wombat Centurion Medium GEV Tanks Finished

Hi, folks. I recently got a platoon of Combat Wombat Miniatures Centurion Medium GEV Tanks. These are beautiful models, with outstanding detail. They even came with over a dozen pieces of stowage to attach to the hulls, hatch covers, and 6 rare earth magnets. I decided to mount them on some home-made flying stands made from pieces of Clix bases and nails (I was out out of bailing wire and spit) :). I mounted them at different heights and angles. I took pics of them with some Rebel Miniatures Earth Force Marines. I'll also use them with the new Rebel Minis Earth Force Armored Troops Here's some pics:

Pic below shows the Tanks deployed on my 2x2 foot Zuzzy mat with some 15mm

I've got some more Combat Wombat vehicles coming: a heavy Grav tank, 3 LAV GEV APCs and one of the brand new Bullfrog Lander. I had an idea for making a forward camp with some fo the Combat Wombat Defensive Turrets, extra pods from the Lander, and a command bunker, maybe with a wall suurounding the camp, made from Hirst Arts sci fi bricks.

Anyway, thanks for looking.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

15 & 28mm Sci Fi Terrain

Hi, folks. I've been messing around with some more terrain for our sci-fi gaming. I recently got a Zuzzy Wounded City Broken Blacktop mat and am using it as a base for the terrain. This mat is really nice, I think I'm going to have to get at least a 4x4 foot mat next. Anyway, here's the pics. 28mm first.

Here's where the 15mm starts. This is a build I made from the Hirst Arts Spaceship Wall mold and the Starship Deck Mold with a couple pieces from other molds. I designed this build to be either a 3 story building or 3 one story buildings or a 1 story and a 2 story building. I painted it with 3 shades of green for the walls. The roof is black with gunmetal. The interior is playable because the roooves are removable. The rooves feature hatches for access to adjacent floors and can accomodate a flying vehicle. I based the ground floor on a piece of vinyl floor tile.
Pic below shows the building divided into it's 3 separate parts.

Here's a shot of the ground floor with the roof removed. I'm also using some Ground Zero Games alien Mercs for scale. I'm using the GZG Alien Mercs as Orksis (Orks in Space).

Pic below shows the ground floor with the roof in place and a Star Wars Republic Gunship parked on the roof.

Next couple pics below show the second floor (1st floor for our cousins across the pond)

Last 2 pics below show the building with all 3 stories. One of my design features for this build was to have big flat areas on the rooves for landing flying vehicles or to put troops.

Next up is a few 15mm sci fi buildings I'm making from electrical boxes. I got the inspiration for these from a fellow TMPer. Thanks for looking,


Friday, November 26, 2010

15mm Orksis, Tanks, and Broken Blacktop mat

Hi, folks. I finally got around to painting my GZG Alien Mercs. I'm going to use them as Orks in Space for 15K (40K in 15mm) and other games. These are just beautiful minis that were a joy to paint. They deserved some nice vehicles and I decided to use some slightly converted WWII armor from Gaming Models 15mm Miniatures. These are very nice models at a great price, and I have gotten great service from Craig. Each of my orders have come quickly, and carefully packed in custom cut foam. With Craig's help I chose some early Russian and British tanks and did some minor conversions on some of the guns, with a basic paint job of red with yellow dags, a gunmetal drybrush and a black wash. Then I did some work on my new Wounded City Broken Blacktop mat from Zuzzy. I have another Zuzzy mat which I really like so when I saw the new Wounded City Broken Blacktop mat, I had to get one. I got the 2x2 foot one for some 15mm modern and near future gaming. It has some great detail and I was really pleased with it.
GZG Alien Mercs/Orksis

Pics below show the Gaming Models 15mm Russian T-35s I'm using for Orksis Heavy tanks. I replaced the main gun on both with a gun barrel from a Matchbox Battle Kings cannon. These tanks are huge for 15mm at 4 inches long and have 5 turrets.

Pic below shows the 3 tank types together for size comparison.

Pic below shows one of the Gaming Models British Churchill VII tanks I'm using for an Orksis medium tank. I replaced it's gun with a portion of an EM4 Space Ranger heavy weapon.

Another medium tank with a main gun made from part of the nib of a ballpoint pen.

2 pics below show the Gaming Models British A13 tanks I'm using as light tanks. I replaced their main gun with a portion of am EM4 Space Ranger heavy weapon.

Next 3 Pics below shows a repainted Matchbox Battle Kings APC.

Here's some shots of the Zuzzy Broken Blacktop Latex mat.

Here's a couple of 1/72 Bravo Team APCs. 1st is an M113 I repainted in urban camo. The 2nd is a Stryker which is unchaged from the box.

Well, that's it for now. I have several projects going at once. Some 28mm and 15mm Firefly-type minis, and some 15mm Sci-Fi buildings made from Hirst Arts Sci Fi bricks and also some 15mm Sci Fi buildings made from electrical boxes. As always, thanks for looking.