Tuesday, December 7, 2010

15mm Shia Khan Orksis and not Killa-Kan

Hi, everybody. I just posted some pics of some 15mm.co.uk Shia Khan that I'm using as Orksis (Orks in Space). I've only painted 6 so far, but they are nice minis with great detail that are fun to paint. I also repainted a Mutant Chronicles Vulkan's Fist Battlesuit that I'm using as a Killa Kan/Walker. I got a couple of them from Fantasy Flight Games during their recent big sale and 3 AT43 Red Blok Lieutenant Dragomira battlesuits as well.

Pic below shows the 15mm.co.uk Shia Khan Maligs and a Malig Heavy Weapons

Pic below shows a 15mm.co.uk Shia Khan Malig Heavy Weapons with a Ground Zero Games Alien Merc. I'm using both as Orksis.

Pic below shows a Vulkan Fist before repaint.

Pic below shows a Vulkan Fist after repaint, now ready to be a Killa Kan.

Here's a pic showing the Killa Kan with minis for size comparison.

So there you go, Noel. :) Your turn.

Thanks for looking,



Brother Joseph said...

Joe you are an evil fellow...you are indeed.
NICE work.


The Angry Lurker said...

Love the not "Killa Kan",lovely work on those models.

Luckyjoe said...

Hi, guys. Thanks very much. One more Kan and 50 something Orks to go.

Noel Vh said...

You know your are with out a doubt a Jerk. Hear I am getting ready for Xmas, and taking a small break from our war, and WHAMO! You have to paint up some Shia Khan just like me, then a killa can.

Mite I say the SK look better in Gray camo, and your KC should be a Dreadnought.

Joe you win this round, Great work.


Luckyjoe said...

Hi, Noel. :) Thanks, and you're right about the Dreadnought, I do have some smaller AT43 minis that may look closer to Killa Kan size.

Mark said...

Ha Ha! duelling Orc banjos. Brillint.

lots ofinoiration.