Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Combat Wombat Vehicles

Hi, everyone. I just painted some new Combat Wombat Miniatures vehicles. Scotty even threw in one of the new Saracen IFVs as a freebie.
Pic below shows the new Saracen GEV IFV. I really like the way this one looks. I made one small conversion using a different gun barrel. Then I added a wire antenna and a decal.

Pic below shows a LAV GEV APC. Also added a wire antenna and a decal. I have a platoon of these.

Final pic is a Combat Wombat Heavy Grav Tank. This time I added a wire antenna and 2 decals.

I really like the Combat Wombat vehicles. Great detail and cool design at an excellent price. Thanks for looking.

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