Thursday, December 2, 2010

Combat Wombat Centurion Medium GEV Tanks Finished

Hi, folks. I recently got a platoon of Combat Wombat Miniatures Centurion Medium GEV Tanks. These are beautiful models, with outstanding detail. They even came with over a dozen pieces of stowage to attach to the hulls, hatch covers, and 6 rare earth magnets. I decided to mount them on some home-made flying stands made from pieces of Clix bases and nails (I was out out of bailing wire and spit) :). I mounted them at different heights and angles. I took pics of them with some Rebel Miniatures Earth Force Marines. I'll also use them with the new Rebel Minis Earth Force Armored Troops Here's some pics:

Pic below shows the Tanks deployed on my 2x2 foot Zuzzy mat with some 15mm

I've got some more Combat Wombat vehicles coming: a heavy Grav tank, 3 LAV GEV APCs and one of the brand new Bullfrog Lander. I had an idea for making a forward camp with some fo the Combat Wombat Defensive Turrets, extra pods from the Lander, and a command bunker, maybe with a wall suurounding the camp, made from Hirst Arts sci fi bricks.

Anyway, thanks for looking.



The Angry Lurker said...

Good stuff, keep it coming.

Kobold said...

I've just received a unit of these tanks as well, so I was keen to see what you had done with yours. I've mounted mine on GW flight stands with cut-down shanks. The stowage is really cool - I've used some of it on my CMG ARC Fleet Grav tanks as well.

Brother Joseph said...

That table looks great my man.
Good stuff all over it!

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks, folks. I appreciate the encouragement.
@Kobold: That's a good idea to use the cut-down GW flight stands. It's cool that Scotty provides so much stowage. I'll use the left-overs for other vehicles, too. I love seeing what other have done, do you have any pics available of CW or CMG Tanks?

Kobold said...

I was hoping to do a "Tanksgiving Day" post on my Modeling Log but extreme busy-ness and a tangi (extended funeral) this weekend have rather put a spoke in that wheel. Looks like when I do post pics, they'll just be WIPs.

Have just received some GZG High Tech Grav Tanks (a battle force weighs nearly 2 kilos!) which are going to be my Imperial force, and so this confirms the CMG and CW units as the Outrim OPFOR.

Kobold said...

Hey Luckyjoe,

Hope you and your family had a good Christmas. Have finally updated my modelling log with the WIPs I promised. Hopefully all the pictures have loaded as I was having trouble with a couple.

Combat Wombat, Critical Mass Games and GZG goodness :)

Luckyjoe said...

Hi, Kobold. Thaanks very much for the link to your latest work. Very nice, and I was glad to see how those various minis size up against each other. Is there a way to leave comments directly at your site?