Saturday, November 27, 2010

15 & 28mm Sci Fi Terrain

Hi, folks. I've been messing around with some more terrain for our sci-fi gaming. I recently got a Zuzzy Wounded City Broken Blacktop mat and am using it as a base for the terrain. This mat is really nice, I think I'm going to have to get at least a 4x4 foot mat next. Anyway, here's the pics. 28mm first.

Here's where the 15mm starts. This is a build I made from the Hirst Arts Spaceship Wall mold and the Starship Deck Mold with a couple pieces from other molds. I designed this build to be either a 3 story building or 3 one story buildings or a 1 story and a 2 story building. I painted it with 3 shades of green for the walls. The roof is black with gunmetal. The interior is playable because the roooves are removable. The rooves feature hatches for access to adjacent floors and can accomodate a flying vehicle. I based the ground floor on a piece of vinyl floor tile.
Pic below shows the building divided into it's 3 separate parts.

Here's a shot of the ground floor with the roof removed. I'm also using some Ground Zero Games alien Mercs for scale. I'm using the GZG Alien Mercs as Orksis (Orks in Space).

Pic below shows the ground floor with the roof in place and a Star Wars Republic Gunship parked on the roof.

Next couple pics below show the second floor (1st floor for our cousins across the pond)

Last 2 pics below show the building with all 3 stories. One of my design features for this build was to have big flat areas on the rooves for landing flying vehicles or to put troops.

Next up is a few 15mm sci fi buildings I'm making from electrical boxes. I got the inspiration for these from a fellow TMPer. Thanks for looking,



The Angry Lurker said...

Looking really good.

Vampifan said...

Very nice scenery, LJ! Your paint jobs on both sets shows them off to great effect. Keep up the good work and let's see more pics like these.

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks, Angry. Thanks, Vampi. If I can get as good as you guys I'll be happy.

Brother Joseph said...

Nice work LJ!

slobberblood said...

I'm loving it!