Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some stuff for 15mm Combat Zone

Hi, everyone. I've been working on some 15mm scale minis and buildings for Combat Zone. I split my time between my home and an apartment. At home I game in 28mm and play Combat Zone primarily with the excellent EM4 minis. But my apartment is small so I play in 15mm there. Here's some of the 15mm Combat Zone stuff.

Pic below shows some Khurasan Minis Sepulvedan Resistance Fighters I'm using for Troopers

2 Pics below shows some Khurasan Minis Post-Apoc Road Outlaws I'm using for Gangers

Series of pics below show a couple of Old Crow Goannas to which I added extra weapons from an Old Crow missile turret and tank turret pack. The weapons are on magnet mounts so I can swap them out. The Goannas will be used for the Corporate Troops.

Pic above shows one of the 15mm Old Crow Goannas next to a converted 1/72 scale Bravo Team "Rhino". The Goanna has a 1/2 inch craft magnet glued to the top rear hull for a weapons mount.

Pic Above shows a Goanna with one of the tank turret guns mounted and one of the Sepulvedan Resistance fighter for scale. I think the Goanna works well for size with the Khurasan minis.
Pic below shows one of the Goannas with some of the left over missile mounts from the Old Crow missile turret. The cylindrical piece it is resting on is a rare earth magnet. It holds on well and can be rotated to aim in all directions. Pictured with another Sepulvedan Resistance Fighter.

The pic above shows a different Old Crow Tank Turret gun, this one is a multi-barreled mini-type gun.

Pic below shows a bunker made from Hirst Arts Sci Fi molds with the squad of Troopers. I've had that bunker built for a while but just got around to painting it.

Final pic is some Khurasan 15mm Garn. I may use them as Aliens in a Combat Zone scenario.

I really like these Khurasan minis. Beautiful detail, especially on the Road Outlaws. The Old Crow Goannas were very easy to paint and the Old Crow Turret packs I got, one tank and one missile turret, come with so many different weapons option pieces I have been able to equip 5 vehicles from just those two packs. Great value.
Thanks for looking.



brutpaul said...

Great work!
Khurasan is surly one of the best 15mm minimakers. Got the Sepulvedan Resistance Fighters myself and painting them was a joy.

The Angry Lurker said...

I really like those garn, good work on everything else though.

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks, guys. They really were fun to paint, and I tried something different with the Garn. I did a series of "magic washes" and then light drybrushing. I wanted to preserve all of that tiny detail. They actually look pretty good in real life.

Mr. Harold said...

Great looking stuff... how do you like combat zone in 15mm?

Luckyjoe said...

Hi, Mr. Harold. Thanks, Combat Zone works well in 15mm.