Here's a few pics of minis we'll use as Survivors or Gangers for playing Two Hour Wargames' "All Things Zombie". Labels will refer to mini pictured above the label.

Bubba, a Hasslefree Miniatures adventurer.
Some GW Catachan Survivors or Gangers
A bunch of civilians. Various manufacturers.
Clix repaints
Clix repaints and/or conversions.
Sgt Major Minis "Get Some! Sci-Fi crew. Not Firefly
Some Hasslefree
More Hasslefree
Another Hasslefree. Gruff. He's my mini me.
Some West Wind Roadkill SWAT showing decals.
Defiance Games United Americas Marine Corps
More Hasslefree. Willow and Spike.
 Clix Blade and Buffy
 Clix Bosses
 Clix Cops 
 More Clix Cops
 Clix Thugs/Gangers
 Couple Clix Survivors. Guy on right got a repaint.
 More Clix
 More Clix, ladies this time. 
 Clix Repaint
 More lady Clix
 Clix in Black
 Clix repaints
 Clix Thugs/Survivors
 Clix SWAT
 EM4 Combat Zone Troopers
 EM4 Combat Zone gangers "The Black Widows"
 SGM Minis Get Some! Space Crew. Jayne & Mal. Since rebased.
 Couple more Clix
 Mage Knight conversion
  SGM Minis Get Some! Space Crew. Wash & Zoe. Since rebased.
 Hasslefree minis Ken - not Ving Rames from Dawn of the Dead.
 Same mini, different view.
 Last Night on Earth game pieces, painted up. The guys.
 Last Night on Earth game pieces, painted up. The ladies.
Hasslefree minis Gruff. Front view. My mini me.
 Hasslefree Minis not Shawn from Shawn of the Dead.
 Shawn vs. Zombie
 Hasslefree Minis Sadie.
 Reaper Chronoscope Nurse
 Reaper Chronoscope Sister Maria
 Another GW Catachan Survivor/Ganger
 Reaper Minis Sly
 Same mini from back
 Reaper minis Mike Noe, Biker Boss
 Same mini from back
 EM4 Minis News Crew
 EM4 Minis Bikers
 West Wind RoadKill SWAT
 West Wind RoadKill Night Rangers
 EM4 Tinpot Dictator
 EM4 Tinpot Dictator and Suits

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vnflcards said...

Ever use Khurasan miniatures? They have some cool 15mm figs. They even have zombies, survivors, and tons of aliens.