Wednesday, December 8, 2010

15mm Sci Buildings from electrical boxes

About a year ago there was a thread on TMP by JRacel featuring some 15mm Sci Buildings made from electrical boxes. I have revisited this thread a lot since and finally got around to making some of my own. Mine are pretty much just copies of his. I used some components from a Platformer set, like his, and some Hirst Arts Sci Fi bitz, as well as some bits from The Scene UK. These things were pretty inexpensive, the boxes cost between 2 and 4 dollars, the Scene UK pieces were very reasonable, and the HA bits I already had. Here's some pics:
Pic below shows the orange building with mainly Hirst Arts bits. There is a nice radar dish from The Scene UK on the roof. I've left it removable so I can use it elsewhere.

Pic below shows a Platformer door piece.

Pic below with vents from The Scene UK and the radar dish.

I really enjoyed making these. Thanks a lot to JRacel for the cool idea and pics in his TMP thread.

Thanks for looking,



The Angry Lurker said...

Lovely stuff and very well done,this is what scenery should be about, designing your own.

Luckyjoe said...

Hi, A.L. Thanks, it was a fun and easy little project.

Brother Joseph said...

Very nice work Joe. The detailes make it come to life. You have to have detailes like these to make it work IMO.
Good job!


Luckyjoe said...

Hi, Brother Joseph. Thanks. I always have a problem when adding details because I want to add too much.

Brother Joseph said...

Too much is good Joe.
I say it is just right.
Less ain't more.