Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Easy 15mm Farm Field

I was at a home improvement store this weekend and grabbed a couple of free outdoor carpet samples. The carpet had a nice earthtone color and it had some variably spaced rows on their surface. I thought it would make nice garden patches or fields for 15mm terrain. Took it home and drybrushed the closely spaced rows to look like wheat. The "ground" was already a nice earth color so nothing needed there. My son Mark suggested I paint the more widely spaced rows blue to look like some cabbage rows we had seen earlier while driving in the country. (Rural Ohio is a great place for inspiration to make farm terrain).

I also painted up some Hirst Arts fieldstone wall sections to go around the fields. The walls are 3/4 inch tall. They work better scale-wise for 28mm minis. I may make some more 1/2 inch high for our 15mm minis. That's a Splintered Light Minis Dark Elf in the gateway. Here's some pics:

The plain carpet sample

After drybrushing

Fieldstone walls

Thanks for looking.


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