Sunday, January 30, 2011

15mm Sci Fi Fort

Hi, folks. This is a little 15mm sci-fi fort, sort of a forward base. When Combat Wombat Minis came out with his new Bullfrog Lander with pods, I remember thinking how those pods could be used to set-up a forward base. Landers swoop in, drop pods, engineers set up walls and there you go, forward base.

The walls were made from plaster castings in an Ikea ice cube tray, the corners, towers, walkways and gates were made with Hirst Arts sci-fi bricks. The corner turrets are Combat Wombat defense turrets. The temporary buildings of the base are a central Command bunker, and then groupings of the Command/Medic pods for use with the CW Atlas LSS transport vehicle, and the other buildings are the new pods for the Bullfrog Lander. The troops pictured are Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines.

The whole thing is based on a 1 foot square vinyl floor tile, which was sanded and flocked. The fort is sitting on one of the new Zuzzy Broken Blacktop terrain mats, Here's pics:

Pic above shows a view through the gate. A bullfrog Lander, having dropped it's pod, is preparing to take off. Earth Force Marines are manning the walls. The doors of the gate slide back into the towers forming the gateway.

Pic above shows a CW Heavy Grav Tank nosing through the gate. I designed the gate to be just wide enough to accomodate one heavy grav tank at a time.

Final pic is an aerial view from the lander that just took off. (ok, not really) It also gives a better view of the defense turrets. There's two Gun Turrets, an ATGM turret (right front) and a SLAM Turret in the left rear. These turrets are very nicely detailed and I think will make this base a tough nut to crack.

This is one of those projects I just had to do once I thought of it. It's very basic but I think the quality of the Combat Wombat sculpts saves it. Comments welcome and thanks for looking.



dis said...

Good job - it almost screams "come and play Starship Troopers with me" :-)

The Angry Lurker said...

Excellent work and I especially like the lighting, it gives the piece real atmosphere.

Vampifan said...

Nice piece of scenery and very effective. Will you be using it in a batrep soon?

Luckyjoe said...

Hi, Dis. Thanks. I love the fort from Starship Troopers, that's one of the inspirations for this.

Hi, Angry Lurker. Thanks, the lighting was sort of an accident, but I decided I'd post the pics as they were, sort of a "two suns" effect.

Hi, Vampifan. Thanks, I may actually be able to post some batreps soon, my soon to be 18 year old son Stephen is living down in Dayton with me, and we may be able to get some games in soon.

Noel said...

LJ I really really really want to like you, but when you come up with this CRAP, while I am building the worlds greatest Die tower, I have lost all like for you.

But in front of your readers I will say great job, and what every do you do not keep it up.

ps I dare you to say your space fort, is better than my die tower.

Omer Golan said...

I love this, and particularly your idea about using the Bullfrog Pods as prefab buildings!

Luckyjoe said...

Hi, Noel. Thanks, did I read that last part right? You said my space fort was better then your dice tower? Thank you, I believe it is. ;)

Hi, Omer. Thanks, I really like the CW pods, they're nicely detailed and don't have too big a footprint, so it makes them even better for use as temp buildings.

Noel said...

Dear LJ, why is it when I am trying to insult you and your work, I feel like the TV bad guy with his foot in his mouth????

Can you answer that Mr Lucky??

But alas I forgot the war between us was on the Orc front. So I will stick to that. You did great work there, but make sure you do not have an Orc in the photo, or I will come out with the foot a blazing!!!!!


Brother Joseph said...

Cool little set up man. Nice job!