Friday, May 25, 2012

Day One - Campaign Starting: Hit the ATM

The following lead-in to the scenario is rated "R" for bad language. If you want just skip it and go to the batrep below that big paragraph.

It seemed like all the news shows were carrying stories about the outbreak of what some media dicksmack was calling "Chinese Rabies or CR". Apparently a disease caused by some unknown pathogen, it caused its victims to become crazed, shambling, and murderous, biting and eating the flesh of the non-infected. It was reported that the the disease spread by being bitten by an infected person, making the bitten person "turn" within a matter of 12-24 hours into another ravenous thing. "Chinese Rabies, my ass", Joe thought, "they're Zombies". So far there were some reports of CR in big cities, especially ones with international airports, but nothing reported in small towns, yet, like Findlay, where  Joe and his family live. It was a Saturday and the kids and some of the grown kids were home at the house with their Mom. Joe had been scheduled for a 1/2 day at the Acute Clinic where he worked. Relieved at noon by the oncoming, Joe was headed out the door. The oncoming Doc said "I almost called off. There was a case of CR reported in Toledo." "Damn", Joe said, "That's too close. If any of those crazies show up, you should get the hell outta here. I'm gone, good luck." Leaving the clinic, Joe thought that things were getting bad fast. It's only 45 miles to Toledo. Shit, I better get home. I'll call home and make sure everything's okay. Entering the car, a little Hyundai, Joe saw the back seat was still  full of his son Stephen's junk. Most noticeable among the junk was Stephen's replica Katana. He had bought it a yard sale for 20 bucks. Steve had borrowed the car  recently and gone to a Renaissance Fair with some friends. He had the Katana sharpened at the Fair. He said the swordsmith had told him was a very good replica, and was worth considerably more than he had paid for it. It sharpened up very nicely. Might come in handy, Joe thought. Calling home on the cell phone, his wife Patti told him "Everyone is okay, but it looks there's trouble in Toledo according to the news. We might have to get some supplies, can you stop at the ATM and get some cash?" she asked him. "Sure, it's on the way home", Joe said.

And so the scenario begins.
I decided to do 4 destinations. 1- ATM. 2- Home. 3- Box Store. 4- Supermarket.
The following is an account of the trip to the ATM.
Joe Rep 3 Star Retired Military. Attributes: Slow and Stone Cold. Weapon: Katana.
Playing on a 4x4 foot table, I placed the ATM objective 18" from the starting edge.
Rolled on the "Getting There Table" vs. Rep. Passed 1d6 but since my Rep (3) was greater than the location # (1) it counted as passing 2d6 - Arrive there normally.
Parked the car at the table edge 18" from the ATM.
Per the rules, no zombies are placed at the start.
Turn 1
Rolled Activation
Humans 3 Z-4. Total was 7. Gotta check to see if a Zed is generated. On Day One Urban areas count as Suburban for Zombie Generation purposes. Need a 5-6 to get a Zombie. Rolled 4. Too low, no Zed.

Move - Did a fast move using the new Fast Move rule. Wasn't quite sure how to play it with the Slow attribute, but decided to ignore Slow since there's no mention of it in the new rule. Even a fat guy can run fast if he has to, at least for a little while. Maybe I'll Houserule it that Slow reduces the additional move by 1/2.  What are you guys doing?

Moving like a fat blur, our hero Fast moved almost to the ATM at the end of turn 1.

Turn 2
Activation: H -1 Z-6. Another 7, is a Zombie going to show up? Nope, rolled too low again.
Moved to the ATM and collected 3 Luxury items. I guess that's money for this scenario.

Turn 3
Activation: H-6 Z-3. Rolled too high to activate.
Nervous, Joe dropped some of the cash and had to pick it up, count it, and make sure he had it all. "#$%%@%" he muttered.

Turn 4
Activation: H-2 Z-1.
Fast Move: 14 inches toward the table edge.
Almost there.

Turn 5
Activation: H-3 Z2.
Got back in the car and headed for Home (Destination 2).

So, destination 1 is done. Once again my luck held out. Thanks for looking.


Vampifan said...

A good start to your campaign, Joe, and I'd like to commend you for making a start. Day One is always a fraught time. Some of us make it, some of us have to start again. You're doing well so far.

By the way, Vampifan has the Slow attribute as well. What I do for Fast Moves is have him roll 1d6 instead of 2d6 to see how much extra he moves. That's worked fine for me so far.

Adam said...

Fantastic to see another campaign started. I love following these things.

So your Day 1 didn't have a lot of action in the first session, but can't really complain of that. It's far better than perishing on the first day, I'd say.

Great figure to represent yourself, is it a conversion of a Hasslefree model?

Lead Legion said...

Good start. I'd like to echo Adam's comment. That's a great figure. No way of mistaking ti for anyone else but you.

Brummie said...

Great love the story and the way you are narrating it. You can by it from Hasslefree he is called Gruff I think or something like that. He does make a good version of Joe

Luckyjoe said...

@Vampifan: Thanks very much. I have been rereading some of your batreps to help me get ready to start. I guess I didn't see how you did your Fast Move. That sounds like a good method for destination 2.

@Adam: Thanks. I agree. I'd rather have a relatively uneventful run than to get killed up. :) As Brummie said, the mini is from Hasslefree and is not converted. I may eventually add a pistol and some kind of long gun, evetually.

@Lead Legion: Thanks very much. It's one of my favorite Hasslefree minis, and does bear a good resemblance. :)

@Brummie: Thanks. You're right about the mini, he's Gruff alright. I just need to model some spectacles and a beard and he'll be perfect.

Anne said...

You're a really good writer Joe and the intros you do are a great addition.

I particularly enjoy the Zombie batreps because they are fun and humorous. You're version of Mayhem City is wonderful too. You survived the first day and here's to surviving a few more!!

Luckyjoe said...

@Anne: Thanks very much. Something I've always wanted to do is write a novel. I'll probably stick to batreps for now, though. :) I was getting ready to move on to the 2nd destination but realized I don't have enough buildings for a suburban neighborhood. So that's what I'm working on now. More to come soon.

Sean said...

Good report and great figure. At least when he dropped the cash he didn't drop his beer. I'm thinking PBR but Joe strikes me as a Schaefer man.

Jay said...

Great start on your solo journey Joe. Don't drink the water!

Kobayachimaru said...

Great start Joe. You should try this to see if you have the stuff of a survivor:

PapaSpanky said...

Nice and easy Joe! And yes fat guys can run fast, they just dont stop quick!

Luckyjoe said...

@Sean: Thanks! Natural Ice :).

@Jay: Thanks. Ain't that the truth? I've drunk that water too many times. :)

@Kobayachimaru: Thanks. I did that test. 391 days.

@PapaSpanky: Thanks. LOL! "don't stop quick". :)

lrqan said...

Great start. Love the sceanary. Concepts of 'chinese rabies' and a 'fat blur' ace. Good work, I'm looking forward to more.

Ray Rousell said...

A great start Joe! Lucky your heroes son left his sword in the back of the car!!

Zerloon said...

WooT! Another Campaign!!

Great start, few action but sometimes dice are good! :D

Zabadak said...

And so it begins...
Great start LJ,like your style of narration/bat-rep; I'm really looking forward to this campaign developing.

(And I really like the street furniture too btw)

Lord Siwoc said...

Good start mate! Having a slow start is not at all bad. Congratulations on getting the dice rolling and palying a game.

I really look forward to your games.

Mathyoo said...

Fantastic! Can't wait to see more.

And believe it or not, that is just the mini I was thinking suits you best :P

Luckyjoe said...

@Irqan: Thanks very much. I'm glad you like the Chinese Rabies, thing. I can't remember if that is original to me or something I found elsewhere in the past.

@Ray: Thanks. Iwas lucky, wasn't it? :)

@Zerloon: Thanks very much. I kept rolling 7's on the activation but stayed lucky. The best missions are ones that are uneventful.

@Zabadak: Thanks. It was a fun little scenario. I'm glad you like the scenery, too. I feel like the tabletop is coming together.

@lord Siwoc: Thanks very much. It felt good to finally get in a game.

@Mathyoo: Thanks. I'm building some houses for a suburban setting now so I can do the next destination, "home".

The Angry Lurker said...

Good to get the first day out of the way...and survive, nice work Joe.

Luckyjoe said...

@Fran: Thanks very much. I was pretty lucky.

The Extraordinarii said...

Nice start Joe, that mini is a good one, I enjoyed the read, thanks for the post.

Luckyjoe said...

@The Extraordinarii: Thanks very much.