Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Stuff for the Dungeon

Hi, folks. We have a few more things for the dungeon. No real tutorials made or necessary for these. First up: Rugs.

I ordered a couple of rugs I saw pictured in a post on the Dwarven Forge forums. The supplier is a gentleman from Istanbul, Turkey. I ordered a couple of the extra-small rugs for $2.50 each. Free shipping. I received the rugs about 2 weeks after payment, which is what they specify on their website, here. They are perfect and I'm sure I will be ordering more and larger rugs soon.

The first one. I was thinking about printing out pictures of rugs, but I'm glad I went with the real thing. I was amazed at the quality of the weave. Even my wife liked them. :)
The second one. 

I think these rugs are very cool and really help make a dungeon a home. :)

How about another rug. This is a bear skin rug I sculpted from Sculpey Polymer clay. Sorry, no tutorial on this one either. I just took a piece of clay, flattened it, shaped it and cut away everything that didn't look like a bear. Then I painted it.
Hmm, I never said it was good. :) But it is vaguely bear shaped. This one looks a lot better the further you get from it. You can also buy miniature bearskin rugs pre-made from a number of manufacturers.

Okay, here's the next couple. A portrait and a wall clock.
The Portrait
I picked up a pony tail holder from Hobby Lobby. I cut off the piece on the back securing the elastic ring to the metal bezel. Found a picture I liked with Google, printed it out and glued it to the bezel. Stuck it on the wall with poster-tac.
There it is. A nice little framed portrait. You can swap out different pictures if you like. You could also buy some reflective material to insert in the frame for a mirror, instead.
The Clock
Another find from the bead aisle. I kinda liked the lizard frame.
I trimmed off the little ring from the frame and stuck it on the wall with post-tac.
Clock and Portrait
So if you have some blank wall space or floor space you want to fill, here's a few options. 

Thanks for looking and I hope you found this helpful.


Michael Awdry said...

These are just brilliant ideas and wonderfully executed - top work Sir.

styx said...

Great stuff very creative! Reaper Bones has some dungeon Decor about to drop once they can get their Bones Shipment from China! Looking forward to mine in my rewards from the Kickstarter!

Lee Hadley said...

Those rugs are really cool...nice find!

Jay said...

Howdy, Chief. I can always use the fruits of a creative thinking modeler. Thanks for the ideas and examples, Joe.

1st time I've ever seen a chain-sawed bear rug! Ha ha...you're good, Lucky!

Simon Q said...

Joe you certainly know how to create realistic looking scenery, the little details and the ideas you have are just pure genius, top stuff sir!

Kronos said...

Cool stuff! I really like the bear skin rug, good job! :)

Luckyjoe said...

Hi, everyone. Thanks very much. This is turning out to be a fun little project. Most of these only take minutes and are extremely cheap to make. :)

Anne said...

Some really good ideas here Joe. I've seen those items at The Hobby Lobby and thought they might be good in scenics. And there, you've shown me how.

Nice job on the bear rug!

Paul´s Bods said...

It´s all looking very nice. The rugs are a great idea. I´ve looked at his site and he´s got some amazing looking stuff there.

Francis Lee said...

Excellent stuff but the rugs are a top notch find!

The Extraordinarii said...

lots of good ideas here, well done Joe.

Zabadak said...

Wow Joe, I love your improvisation.
So, which comes first?
You see things and think "i could you use that for...."
"I need x...for y" and then go and see what will achieve the outcome. ?

Sean said...

Good stuff. Your bear skin looks fine. The rugs are cool and seem to be priced right.

btrhoads said...

Great post. Thanks!

PapaSpanky said...

Details, Details, details. Sometimes you look at terrain and cant quite figure out why its so awesome. Its because of touches like this.

Luckyjoe said...

Hi, everyone. Thanks very much. For this particular project I have been looking at what other people have made for their dungeon layouts and tried to see if can scratch-build it.

Baconfat said...

Incredible work Joe.