Friday, May 17, 2013

Some more dungeon furniture

Hi, everyone. Here are a few more dungeon items. All of these are scratch-built. I forgot to take some in progress pics, though, so I added some after the fact.

Summoning Circle
 The base of the Summoning Circle was made from Hirst Arts Fieldstone parts.

 These are the 2 types of bricks used. The 3 stone piece on the left makes a circle 2 1/2 inches wide. These were used to make the base of the Summoning Circle, pictured below. The longer, 5-stone piece makes a 2" circle.
Big circle above, smaller circle below.
Smaller circle above. Naturally I ran out out bricks for the re-enactment. 
 Pic above: First I tried freehanding cutting out a pentagram. I suck.
Then I printed out a pentagram, much better.
The Pentagram on top was made by printing out a pentagram found with Google. I glued the Pentagram onto thin plastic card, then cut out the Pentagram shape with a hobby knife.

The pentagram was then glued to a circle of plastic card. I then painted the pentagram and glued it to the Hirst Arts pedestal base. I added the red gems by gluing round pieces of plastic card punched out with a 2mm hole puncher. The gems were them painted red with Tamiya Clear Red (TCR).
The Summoning Circle in its natural habitat.

This Altar was made from some bits from a custom mold and some Hirst Arts bits. The top was cut from a piece of vinyl floor tile.
 Front view: The red gems, tongue and eyes were done with TCR.
 Side view: The Altar was mounted onto a piece of craft foam.
 Back view: I left room behind the altar for a mini to stand.
 Other side: The paint job was a series of grays drybrushed up.
 Here's the Altar with a couple of the new torches, and a mini from the D&D boardgame Wrath of Ashardalon. The boardgame itself is pretty fun and it comes with 42 unpainted D&D minis. Those minis make a nice project by themselves. So far I've almost 15 of them finished.
 This view shows a casualty mini I made a while ago from an old Heroclix mini. Either about to be sacrificed or already was. There's an excellent tutorial for making these casualties on the Combat Zone Chronicles website, here.
 Here's the altar in place in one of the rooms. There's a few other of our recent projects pictured also. The torches, portrait and clock.

Here are a few tapestries. These were made following the directions on the Abaroth's World website, under the heading: Additions and Adornments, under the Tips and Tricks section, here. Abaroth's World is a great site full of useful resources. You should give it a read.

Toothpicks, different types of beads for the endcaps, and some textured art paper. I'm not sure if this is the same stuff Abaroth used. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for 49 cents per 8.5 x 11.5 inch sheet.
 Dance of Death tapestry. Sufficiently creepy?
 I searched with google for "free fantasy art" images and printed out 10 different images, sized to 1.75 inches high by whatever width maintained height and width ratio. I used Gimp2 for the photo editing.
The first 2 tapestries were made using strips of the textured paper as hangers from the toothpick rods. The last tapestry (above) has the tapestry glued directly to the rod. I think I like the style with the cloth hanger pieces better.

Here are a couple of Idols from another custom mold. I think these originally were part of some toy. A Hirst Arts friend sent me one a while back.
Idols in place in one of the rooms. These were painted with FolkArt Antique Metallic Copper, given a black "magic wash", and then the eyes were hit with Tamiya Clear Green.
Here's the idols with a 28mm mini for scale.
Added in the Altar.

Thanks for looking.


Ray Rousell said...

Excellent work Joe!!!! Great modelling skills!

Simon Q said...

These are delightful terrain pieces Joe, especially that altar.

Dave VanDam said...

Great stuff again Joe,
I'm also particularly fond of the alter

Michael Awdry said...

More brilliant idea Joe.

Luckyjoe said...

Hello, everyone. Thanks very much for the kind comments. I may try my hand at making a gelatinous tonight, even though I have my eye on some very nice ones on ebay.

Anne said...

A feast for the eyes Jay. I saw someone comment on a thread at LAF the other day and in the comment the guy recommended coming to visit your page to see how you do your builds.

Jay said...

You have got your mojo working, Lucky! Really nice stuff for the dungeon setup.

Zabadak said...

Wow, your dungeon sort is really great.

Mathyoo said...

Note to self, Hirsh molds are a must-have, lol.

Great work again mate, there is plenty of little tips and tricks I have to remember for future!

Luckyjoe said...

Hello, everyone. Thanks very much for the kind words.

Sean said...

All really great stuff Joe. I agree that the cut out straps makes it feel more like a tapestry somehow. My only critique would be that the summoning circle looks too clean. I think that is just personal preference. Perhaps the wizard is OCD and can't abide a messy summoning circle. I'll also agree that I am particularly drawn to the altar. It's all great stuff, thanks for sharing your work and ideas.