Friday, October 14, 2011

15mm Ruined Temple

Hi, everyone. I took some pics of my ruined temple. The lower half is made from 10 pieces of Proxie Models Gothic Buildings, 4 door pieces and 6 wall pieces. The roof and upper half is scratchbuilt from cereal box card, craft sticks, some Decorflex brick wall, and corrugated wood from MicroMark. Based on a piece of vinyl tile.
Pic above is the front view. Double-tailed Comet was printed out from a google search.

Pic below is a side view. Showing the ruined roof. The roof piece is removable. I may make another non-ruined more techy roof to use in Sci-Fi gaming.
 Pic below is more of an aerial view showing a little of the interior and the steeple top with an archer in place. 
 Pic below is an aerial view from the front.
 Well, there it is. I may still add some floors for the different levels. These Proxie Models Gothic Buildings are pretty nice and versatile, and certainly affordable. Thanks for looking.


Sub-Radar-Mike said...

I like the comet/asteroid decal on the front!

Vampifan said...

Hey, that looks really good and definitely fits in well with your other ruined buildings. You're gathering a nice collection of ruins.

Spacejacker said...

Not just nice, but big! Great stuff!

Luckyjoe said...

@SRM: Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I wanted a little ornamentation for the that big blank area.

@Vampifan: Thanks, the nice thing about 15mm is it doesn't take many buildings to fill the table. :)

@Space Jacker: Thanks, it does make a nice centerpiece for the table.