Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Painted 15mm Ruins

Hi, folks. I painted and based some of the Proxie Models 15mm ruins. Just drybrushed a variety of colors. These babies drybrush up very well. The detail is deeply incised so it's hard for even someone as hamfisted as me to screw them up. There is a surprising amount of detail on these, especially on the 15mm Corner Ruins and 15mm Ruined Brick Building sets. Not only do they have nice exterior brickwork with detailed window frames, broken brick and bullet holes, they even have nice detail on damaged interior walls. The detail on the Gothic Ruins is pretty much limited to the outside, but it there, just not as pronounced or intricate as is seen on the prior two. Now if Proxie Models would make some Half-timber models, I'd get them in a heartbeat. Anyway, nuff said - pics.

 Pic above shows Gothic building and corner ruin side by side.
 Pic above shows some of the exterior detail (note the window frames and bullet holes) and the interior detail on the piece in the background. Note the damaged interior walls.

 Pic above shows some of the interior detail.

 Pic above shows the Gothic Building with door piece detail.
 Pic above is a side view. This piece was made from door pieces. Each set has 2 door pieces and two wall pieces without doors.

 Back view. The model has a nice integral ledge to support flooring. (Not provided)

I think painting these pieces has really helped bring out the excellent level of detail Ken of Proxie Models brought to these pieces. Thanks for looking. 


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Very nice indeed - Bravo Zulu!

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Coming along nicely!

Vampifan said...

I thought your unpainted models looked good, but once you've given them a lick of paint they look superb. The amount of detail on them is amazing!

Jay said...

Looks good, Joe.

Luckyjoe said...

@Paul: Thanks, "BZ", haven't seen that for a while. Gave me a smile.

@Sub-Radar-Mike: Thanks, they are mostly done, now. I worked on the floors and added some turf on the bases tonight, hope to have more pics soon.

@Vampifan: Thanks very much. As they say, they're so well made they practically paint themselves.

Atom Kid said...

Very well done! I always thought it would be cool to do Mordheim in 15mm.

The Angry Lurker said...

They turned out really well, damn nice work on this.

Noel said...

Hay Joe,
Very well done!!!!

Luckyjoe said...

@Jay: Thanks, sorry I missed your comment last night. I started having trouble with Blogger again. Sometimes it doesn't let me post.:(
@Atom Kid: Thanks very much. I got my inspiration mainly from Dis' site, Multiverse 15

@Fran: Thanks, man. Maybe some of these could fit in with your 20mm Operation Sealion project.

@Noel: Thanks, Buddy. I still have a few more shots to take. I did the floors last night, but it will probably be a while before I can post again. I got a couple of long shifts coming up.