Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some Survivors for ATZ

I sorted out some minis to use in All Things Zombie. Most are Clix, some are Sgt Major Minis "Get Some! 28mm Sci Fi", and some Black Orc Games  as well. I also have an order in transit for some Hasslefree minis.
Pic below is a couple of Clix I'm saving for ATZ: After the Horsemen.
 These guys below can be Bosses or Objectives - Rescue the Scientist/Industrialist
 Below is a future conversion. Probably head-swap and add a pistol. He'll be good to go.
 Pic below is a couple of Clix Cops.
 Some Clix Paramilitary guys, Need a serious repaint.
 Survivors or Cops
 Future MIB - needs repaint and head-swap.
 A couple of bad-ass Survivors. Probably repaint and cut cape off fig on left.
 Helo Pilot and Crew. Gotta fix the face on the crewman.
 A couple more Cops.
 Another Clix lady. She's part of my Black Widow gang. (Rest further down the page)
 Bad-ass Ganger Girls
 MIBs or FBI
 More Survivors 
 A couple of unarmed Gangers/Survivors
 Converted EM4 Plastic Troopers - Good jack-booted Government Thugs :)
 The Black Widows - EM4 Female Gangers
 SgtMajor Minis Get Some Jayne and Mal
 Clix Survivors - Gotta love a Priest with a Gun
 An old MageKnight conversion Survivor
  SgtMajor Minis Get Some Wash and Zoe. Wash will make a good Helo Pilot.
Thanks for looking. Most of these minis still need a little (some a lot of) work. Most of them are primarily filler I'll use for PEFs, but there are several that will become characters in their own right.


The Angry Lurker said...

That's a damn good amount, some lovely stuff there...........

Brummie said...

Cool selection there theres a lot of rifle armed ones I will have to look out for

Vampifan said...

That is a very impressive collection of figures and all of them are perfect for an ATZ campaign. Colour mr jealous because you have a fair few that I've never even seen before!

Luckyjoe said...

Hi, folks great to hear from you all.

@Fran: Thanks, I've got some GW Catachans I may mix in with conversions. I'm thinking of seeing if I can make one with a Mordheim crossbow ala Darryl from Walking Dead.

@Brummie: Thanks, rifles do come in handy. I'm working now on a little gun store with some gun cases. It has quite a few rifles.

@Vampifan: Thanks, I do have some duplicates, please let me know if you're interested in anything in particular.

ConfusedDad said...

Nice! There's quite a few Clix/sculpts that I've never seen before. You have a good scary horde there.

Zombie Ad said...

Superb collection, loads of scenario ideas with just them alone!