Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Cityboard Update

Hi, folks. Had a pretty productive day today. Finished another Sarissa Precision building, dressed up the Bank with signs, made some Proxie Models Billboards, and found my Last Night on Earth game with the minis I painted a while back. Even managed to do a couple of jobs around the house for the sweet wife. Also got treated to some nice eye candy from Mother Nature.

 Looking out the window while working on some stuff. Got treated to a few cool critters in a tree in the backyard.

I decided to make one of the SP buildings into a little one story beauty salon. My son Stephen suggested the name.
View from the front with a couple of the Last Night on Earth games minis.
Side view with an LNOE Sheriff and the Victory Force Minis Zombie Dino Mascot.
Rear of the building with a Hasslefree Minis Ken and one of the LNOE zombies.
Other side of the building with a few more LNOE zeds.
Pic above shows the rooftop. I used texture from WorldWorks Games Armory. The mini is the LNOE Nurse.
Interior shot. I used wallpaper made from scrapbook paper and the rug on the floor is from WWG Police Dept. Another LNOE survivor.
Perspective shot through the window with another couple of LNOE minis.
Another view of the side featuring another LNOE survivor. I did a wash on the exterior and used weathering powder on the lower portion of the wall.
Here's the LNOE Lady survivors together. My fav is the Nurse.
Here's the Gents from the LNOE game. I think I like the Sheriff best.
A group shot of the LNOE Zombies. I think I need to hit the LNOE minis with some Dullcote.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for looking.


Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Blue jays are my favorite birds, awesome!

Kobold said...

Those are neat looking birds - what are they? We don't really get anything with those colours down here except kingfishers and lorikeets.

Brummie said...

Very cool looking birds! That squirrel looked a bit rotund.

Nice work on the new building I really do like the LNOE figs.

lrqan said...

Great work, very neat. Did you think up the hairdressers name (very appropriate)?

Zerloon said...

Woah, you're city grow well! :D

Really like the LNOE characters!

Zombie Ad said...

Great job and love the name too!

Vampifan said...

Looks real good, Joe. I do like the name "Curl Up and Dye" - it's very clever! Nice paint jobs on your LNOE figures.

Luckyjoe said...

@SRM: Thanks. I like blue jays, too. There was one in a tree a couple a days ago just raising hell about something for about 15 minutes. Must have been a cat around.

@Kobold: Thanks. The red one is a Cardinal, the blue one is a Blue Jay. They're a couple of my favorites.

@Brummie: That was what caught my eye about the squirrel, it was cold and wet outside, so I think it was just fur, rather than fat. Thanks. I like the LNOE figures. I may get some more if they still sell them separately.

@Irqan: Thanks, I can't take credit for the name. My son Stephen suggested it. I think it came from a movie or show he saw.

@Zerloon: Thanks. It is starting to get bigger. And those LNOE characters fit right in scale wise.

@Zombie Ad: Thanks. I don't think I ever made a Hair Salon before. :)

@Vampifan: Thanks. The LNOE minis I painted a while back.

Lord Siwoc said...

That name for the salon is just brilliant!!!

I too have enjoyed the birds in my garden, no squirrels though.

Wel done on the miniatures as well mate!

Zabadak said...

Good looking building and minis, love the name too (I'm a sucker for puns. I am even more sorely tempted to get the Serrisa Street deal now (thanks for that)Really enjoying this board-making series.

Luckyjoe said...

@Lord Siwoc: Thanks. There were a few more Blue Jays out there this morning.

@Zabadak: Thanks. I love puns, too. I'm really pleased with the Sarissa buildings. They are going to be making a bunch more accessories for the CityBlock buildings, too.

djk said...

Sounds like a dangerous place to get your hair done. Great name, and great pic of the wild life.

Luckyjoe said...

@DJK: Thanks. I've got a great view, now.