Sunday, February 19, 2012

1 Survivor and 30 Zombies

Hi, everyone. I've been painting this weekend. I did one Survivor, Reaper Minis' Karla Anime Hero from their Chronoscope line.

I decorated her base with a piece of that scrapbook paper I used as flooring in some of the buildings. Sorry for the crappy pics. Lighting is playing hell with me today.

I finished my Victory Force Minis Zombies, today. 30 of them. Been working on them for about 4 days.
Pic above shows some of the ladies. 
A few more ladies with a couple of the guys. I ended up with 8 females out of 30 Zombies. The guy on the left reminds me of the Fonz. 
This group has some interesting minis. I like the gowned patient and the old guy with the hat. The guy on the end looks like the dad from American Chopper to me.
Another cool little group. Nice poses, and characterful minis.
I painted the delivery guy in UPS type livery.
The guy in the middle is my favorite. He has a propeller beanie.
Most of these critters just got a block paint and washes. On this guy I freehanded an anchor tattoo on one arm and a heart on the other. (below)
Beanie guy's hat is divided into quadrants so I painted it red, yellow, green and blue, with a purple rim and golden propeller. 
I got some duplicates in the order, but only a few. I ordered 3 random 10 packs, and ended up with mostly unique minis, but got 2 American Chopper guys, 2 Fonzies, and 2 skinny ho's wearing  a towel. Not too bad. That level of duplication is hardly noticeable. I'm very happy with the variety of poses, and there are lots of really cool little surprises on the minis.

 These minis were fun to paint. They were all block painted and then washed with either devlan mud or a similar colored magic wash. The wounds and blood got a Reaper triad of Bloodstain red, clotted blood, and carnage red. The flesh was Reaper Tanned Shadow and Tanned flesh highlight. Once sealed, I went back over the wounds with Tamiya Clear Red. The bases were covered with sand and painted black to simulate asphalt. About halfway through the basing process I picked up a jar of black sand and didn't have to paint the sand anymore (DOH!). I used a yellow or white paintpen to put lane lines or other markings on the bases, also.

Well, that's it for now. The Horde is growing. I've finished 8 Studio Mini Zombies, and 31 Victory Force Minis Zombies. I already had 14 Last Night On Earth Zombies and 79 other mixed brand zombies (mainly HeroClix). 132 ready, and 60 more in queue for painting. Thanks for looking. 


Lead Legion said...

Very nice work Joe. 30 Zombies in just a few days? I know how that feels. But it was well worth it for these results.

Mathyoo said...

Those are great! I love the poses, all so...hmm...unstable? :D
Got to get me some of those once I will reconcil paying the customs tax, heh.

And great choice of the background. Have you considered washing the bricks as well? That might give you a nice effect :)

Lord Siwoc said...

That is an amazing outcome!

Looking good and the horde has really grown fast! Just like an outbreak....

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Great minis in there, that Reaper one is really good. Good job on them!

lrqan said...

Nice stuff dude. 30 to 1; decent odds, looks like a nice big gun.

Vampifan said...

I like them all, Joe, although your Reaper chick is my favourite. You're building up a fair sized horde of zombies. The bigger the better, eh?

The Angry Lurker said...

You're getting prolific sir but great work on the mob and of course Nursie, something about the uniform that sends poor mortal men weirder.....

Zerloon said...

30 Zombie in a few days! I wish I can have such stunning speed, for me 30 zombie is like... well... for ever ;___;

Good job, love the nurse!

Brummie said...

Cracking stuff Joe. You certainly have a great output lately

Zabadak said...

My first real close-up look at Victory Force Minis and I'm impressed, you've done a good job on them Joe. I love the Reaper figures too, but they are probably the most expensive on the market this side of the pond.
Like some of the others have said, your "production" rate is impresssive - I can never seem to find the time !

Spacejacker said...

Your'e a machine right now! Great stuff.

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks, everyone for your kind remarks.

@Lead Legion: I used to do marathon painting sessions for Warhammer. Had an Orc army, once. :)

@Mathyoo: The minis have a great variety of poses. That's a good point about washing the bricks. I will probably go back and revisit some of those builds. Add more exterior detail, and weathering.

@Lord Siwoc: Thanks very much. It IS like an outbreak, isn't it? :)

@Dr. Willett: She looks better IRL than my crappy camerawork indicates. :)

@Irqan: I was thinking the same thing about the odds. 30 rounds in the SMG clip, 12 more in the pistol. Plenty of bullets and she looks like she can run pretty good, too.

@Vampifan: LOL. You're definitely right, the Bigger the Horde, the better.

@Fran: The horde was fun and very relaxing to paint. Since they are Zombies I can afford to be a little messy. Nursie took me a while. I saw her on the Reaper site and had to get her.

@Zerloon: I want to use them so I have to get them painted. I made a deal with myself not to use unpainted minis on this table. It helps drive the painting arm. :)

@Brummie: I've had a lot of free time, lately, and my OCD is kicking in big time. A great combination to get some Zombies painted. :)

@Zabadak: The VFM zeds are some very good minis. And very reasonably priced. The Reaper figs are a little pricey over here, too, but sometimes I can get them on e-bay for under $5. I expect my productivity to drop off for the next few days, I've got 3 twelve hour shifts in a row. Usually when I finish one of those I'm just worn out. However, I'm going to try to paint a least 1 Zombie a day. Don't want the day to be a total waste. :)

Kobayachimaru said...

Great job Joe!

Jay said...

"Joe with the rapid-brush, is what you are!" Your enjoyment is showing, Sir.

EinarOlafson said...

Great!! thousands of them!!

Adam said...

Nice figures. I am a big fan of those Reaper anime style girls. I will eventually have a set of them (on my lon glist of must haves).

I have a fair amount of VF zombies as well, and have not been nearly as fast to paint them. They are not the greatest sculpts, and I don't enjoy painting them as much as other figures, and like you, I mostly block paint and wash them (so I should be faster).

I do really like the legless zombies that you have, I have him as well and he is a great one to have. Very unique. I also like the girl in a towel, I didn't wind up with one of her in my set.

Ray Rousell said...

Great work Joe, your really cracking on with them!!! The figures look very nice indeed, That's some pair of boots too!!

Luckyjoe said...

@kobayachimaru: Thanks very much.

@Jay: Thanks. I AM enjoying painting these very much, but I don't know how rapid my brush is. :)

@Einar: Thanks, but "Thousands of them" would be Vampifan. :)

@Adam: Thanks. I agree, the Reaper Anime Girls are excellent. And some of their other minis are excellent, too. The VFM Horde Zombies are not the greatest sculpts out there, but there are some gems. And I think their individual Zombies are very nice. I love the Zombie Dino Mascot. The legless Zombie is also a really good one.

@Ray: Thanks very much. Being called prolific by someone as prolific as you is a very nice compliment.

Anne said...

I love that nurse!! She's so cute and she's got weapons to boot. And you've been painting up a storm too. It looks like you're having fun doing it as well. Nice job!!

Zombie Ad said...

Fantastic, you're on a roll sir!

Luckyjoe said...

@Anne: Thanks. That Nurse is a cool mini and fun to paint.

@Zombie Ad: Thanks. I hope to get started up again tomorrow.

peter said...

You're a fast painter Joe! But like the others said the outcome is really great.

Really like them!