Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finished The Last 2 Buildings for the Cityboard

Hi, everyone. I finished (? maybe) the last 2 buildings for the Cityboard. One is a Motel and the other is an Apartment building. They are both from the Sarissa Precision 28mm CityBlock line. It has been a lot of fun to work on these buildings. The interiors are finished with WorldWorks Games textures and I made or downloaded signs from the internet for exteriors.
Pic above is the Roche Motel. I found the signage on a model RR shop and really liked it. Minis are an EM4 plastic trooper on the sidewalk and a Heroclix on the roof.
Shot of the rooftop. Made from WWG print-out.
Side view. More model RR signs. The "hotel" sign comes WWG, I mounted it on some Sintra. The mini is from Black Orc games.
Pic above shows rear of building. Model RR sign and a Studio Minis Zombie. I thought the sign was especially appropriate with this mini.
More Model RR Signs and an EM4 plastic ganger.
Interior view of the upstairs of the hotel. Textures on walls and floor are WWG. LNOE mini.
Pic above: Ground floor of the Hotel. I used a WWG door for variety. Floor is a piece of scrapbook paper. Walls and stairs from WWG.
Peekaboo shot into interior. HorrorClix mini, one of my favorites.

Next is the Sarissa Precision Residential Building. I love this one. Beautiful, sturdy detail. I'm using it as an Apartment Building.
An EM4 plastic ganger confronts a HorrorClix Zombie. I added some scratchbuilt trash bags and ruined furniture to the front fenced area. I thought about putting in flower beds but decided that wasn't very Zombie themed.
View of the rooftop. WWG pipe roof. HeroClix SWAT guy. Made the signs myself in Open Office. The "Quarantined" sign plays into one of the joke signs elsewhere.
Side view of the building with a LNOE zombie and a HeroClix SWAT. The "Splint" billboard is from WWG. The Downtowner Billboard is one I made. Googled a cityscape clipart and made the sign in Open Office. I always see those "If you lived here" signs so I used that, but since the building is quarantined, some smart-ass changed "home" to dead. Kind of feeble I know but I'm easily amused. :)
The rear of the building. Signage from MicroTactix Twilight Streets set. HeroClix Swat getting ready to grenade a Reaper prepaint zombie (front) and two Black Orc Games zombies. LuckyJoe making clicking sound as grenade arms. "Eat this, scum suckin freaks". You were right Dangerous Brian. :)
Top floor of the Apartments. I may subdivide it later like the ground floor. The walls are papered with scrapbook "wallpaper". The floor is WWG from Shellendrake Manor. A Black Orc Games Zombie is about to die for good at the hands of a plastic EM4 Trooper.
Close-up shot of the ground floor interior. Walls and doors from WWG, floor from scrapbook paper. Mini is Hasslefree Mini's Gruff. The doors can open and close. In the front of the building there are some scratchbuilt trash bags, a bloody matress and a broken love seat sofa. All made from Sculpie. I added some bloodstains with Tamiya clear acrylic red. 
View of the interior from the side. Doors are open...
View from the rear of the building. Doors are closed. Oooh, I hear you saying. Doors that open and close. :) Sorry cold medicine is kicking in and making me more goofy than usual.

Well, that's it for now. Got nine buildings ready for the table with playable interiors. I can now die happy. Still got a lot of Zombies and Survivors to paint, and I've got some Ainsty Street furnishings coming. Thanks for looking.


Zabadak said...

Saving the best until last ?

These reslly are superb,but when do we see them en-masse ?

I love the "garbage" you have littering the place and the signage is great !

Great job all round Joe !

Lead Legion said...

Lovely work. I especially like the signage and the interiours.

Jay said...

Dang,'ve been busy! The buildings are great.

Ray Rousell said...

Excellent buildings Joe, so where can I get some of those buxom melons from??

PapaSpanky said...

Fantastic. Cant wait tosee them all together.

Lord Siwoc said...

I love this!!!

Well done mate!!! Looking forward to seeing them all together!!

Lee Hadley said...

Excellent work. These will look amazing on the table.

The Angry Lurker said...

Fecking amazing, excellent stuff, great signs sir........

Brummie said...

Very nice Joe. In the third photo where is the chick with the two uzis from?

Brummie said...

meh nevermind teach me to read things properly sorry Joe!

Vampifan said...

You must be so proud of your collection, Joe. You really have done a great job on all of your buildings. I'm going to echo Zabadak's sentiments and ask, when can we see them all grouped together?

Adam said...

Looks great, and I'll echo the echo, let's see a group shot.

I really like a lot of the signs you have used, Busty Melons will definitely make it onto a building in my city when I'm done.

I also like the Hotel having hourly rates AND kids stay free. Very classy.

The mix of Sarissa painted and use of WWG print out is done nicely. Which set is the piped roof from? It all looks great.

Luckyjoe said...

@Zabadak: Thanks. I really was saving the best for last, but mainly because I was afraid I'd screw up the Residential building. So I worked on the other, smaller, less ornate buildings until I got the courage to tackle the big one. :)

@Lead Legion: Thanks. Most of the interiors were very quick and easy. The Apartment took a while.

@Jay: Thanks. I had some days off and lots of free time.

@Ray: Thanks. I know what you mean. I loves me some melons. :) I got inspired for the melons ad by visiting Anne's Attic. Somehow ran across one of the booby posts, and then another and then ...

@PapaSpanky: Thanks. I took some pics yesterday. I may be able to post them this evening. I got a long shift today, so it may be tomorrow, instead. But soon.

@Lord Siwoc: Thanks. I'm working on the big group shot.

@Big Lee: Thanks. They make a nice group. Sarissa Precision makes a wonderful product.

@Fran: Thanks very much. The signs were kind of a fun side project that seemed to take on a life of their own. :)

@Brummie: Thanks very much. And don't worry I do that, too. :)

@Vampifan: Thanks very much. I hope to pics of the board up either tonight or tomorrow.

@Adam: Thanks. The Hourly rates was something I added. I was lucky and found a bunch of cool signs online. The piped roof comes from "Bits of Mayhem - Downtown". There's also a "Bits of Mayhem" but that's a different set.

pulpcitizen said...

Truly superb; and love the puns scattered about.

Also looking forwards to the group city-scape shot. :)

Paul´s Bods said...

very nice. The "Buxom melons" advert made me smile :-D as did the blood patch in the shape of a person...just like they´ve gone "bump bump bumpity bump splatt!" down the stairs

Luckyjoe said...

@PulpCitizen: Thanks. I enjoyed making the puns. :) I hope to get at least a few shots up when I get off work today.

@Paul's Bods: Thanks very much. Buxom Melons is my favorite. Thansk for commenting on the body-shaped bloodstain.

Zombie Ad said...

Fantastic. Buxom Melons - even better! Lol!

biglynn said...

hello joe im new on here just wanted to say awesome zombie work bud n cant wait to see more of the zombieness :O)