Saturday, March 12, 2011

Khurasan Siler Anti-Grav or Tracked WIP

Hi, folks. I recently got one of the Khurasan Tracked Super Heavy Tanks with the Anti-Grav Conversion set, here.

In a thread on TMP there was a discussion on building the Siler with magnets to swap out the anti-grav elements with tracks. So that's what I did. I got some rare-earth magnets from K&J Magnetics. These are very powerful magnets for a very reasonable price and I've always gotten great service from K&J.

Pic below shows the Anti-Grav elements with the K&J magnets in place.
Pic below shows the Anti-Grav plates in place on the undercarriage. The white spot in the center has another magnet inset to match the flying base.
This pic below shows the flying base with the magnet in place.

Pic below demonstrates how the magnets are holding the Anti-Grav elements in place.

Pic below shows the base with the tracks glued onto it on the left and the underside of the hull with the magnets in place.

Pic below shows how well the magnets hold the flying base to the tank.
Pic below shows the Anti-Grav Siler from the side, needs the gun mounted.
Last pic is the Anti-Grav Siler from the front.

This Siler is a beautiful model and I'm very glad that Jon from Khurasan made it available as either a Tracked or Anti-Grav version. When you buy the tracked version with the Anti-Grav conversion, it's almost like getting a second Siler for just another $5. Stand by for pics of when I screw up the paint job.


Brother Joseph said...

MOVE Paul Reveer...your ass is about to get Hover-Nated!

dis said...

Cool idea, I may try it myself *slaps himself on the wrist* but not before I'm done with painting my current batch of Khurasan :)

Where is that mini in the last of the pics from?

The Angry Lurker said...

I like that, as you said you get two models for the price of one technically.

Spacejacker said...

That's a cool tank alright. I've been experimenting with magnets too.. So useful!

Luckyjoe said...

@Brother Joseph: LOL.

@Dis: Thanks, that mini is a Blue Moon 18mm Civilian from their Pirates line.

@Angry Lurker: Yeah, it can be used for different tech levels or for different missions. Anti-grav added for swamp planets.

@SpaceJacker: Thanks. Those magnets really do come in handy.

Brother Joseph said...

"Oneith by land, twoith by sea...AHCK!"