Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Versatile Combat Wombat Vehicles

Hi, everyone. A while back I made a little forward base using Combat Wombat Defense Turrets and with pods from the Bullfrog Lander and the Command/Medic pods made for use with the Atlas LSS GEV. I was struck with all of the possiblities you can have mixing and matching the different Combat Wombat turrets, pods and other components. I've gotten a few of the Atlas LSS GEVs and some of his new additional turrets. I'm really having a lot of fun seeing what I can come up with using all of these components. I still need to paint the turrets and the new Atlas vehicles. Here's some pics.
Pic below shows a LAV GEV APC
Next pic is a LAV GEV APC with an ADA turret
Next is a LAV GEV APC with a low-profile turret

LAV GEV APC with an autocannon and ATGM turret

Here's a few pallets of cargo made from Ground Zero Games Store Pallets and JR Miniatures Fuel drums
Pic below shows a pallet of fuel drums on an Atlas

Next series of pics below show an Atlas with a Command pod with the various different turrets added.

Pic below shows an Atlas with a defense turret base. The defense turret could be cargo or perhaps part of the hull of the vehicle.
Pic below shows addition of a defense turret gun. Use it as a tank-killer?
Next two pics show a SLAM and an ATGM

It's amazing what a lot of unique vehicles you can end up with by mixing these components. I think Combat Wombat really knocked it out of the park with these. I'm looking forward to painting them up, and I still want to add some more CW Grav Vehicles, and eventually some tracked and wheeled vehicles. Thanks for looking.


Brother Joseph said...

Joe do you plan to do up some bikes too?

The Angry Lurker said...

They're really good especially like the Atlas and its different versions, I think Brother Joseph has a bike fetish.

Luckyjoe said...

@Brother Joseph: I am going to do a couple bikes soon. I have a couple of the Rebel minis Infiltrators and their bikes on the workbench. They've been there for a while. :)

@The Angry Lurker: Thanks. You can really do a lot with that Atlas.

Brother Joseph said...

Bikes are cool.

Glovey said...

Keep up the great blogging! This is great!

Lemmiwinks said...

great post. following you

Anonymous said...

WOW ;e;

Anonymous said...

coool man, that reaally awesome, post moar! nao! Moar pics!