Sunday, March 4, 2012

2 Survivors and 10 Zombies

HI, everybody. I finally got around to taking some pics of some recently finished minis. First up is Sister Maria from Reaper Miniatures. A little backstory for why I like this mini so much. I was raised Catholic. During my Dad's second tour in Vietnam (he was an Army Sgt Major), my sister was 16 and giving my Mom fits. So Mom enrolled her in a Convent school, sort of like a religious prison with weekend visitation. :) Anyway, one weekend, the Mother Superior came home with Marie and stayed to dinner. My big brother James ended up giving the Mother Superior a ride on his chopper. That's an image I'll never forget. Her habit was streaming out behind her and she was whooping it up like a good un. :) She's probably long gone now, but I imagine if she was around for the ZombApocalypse, she'd be like Reaper's Sister Maria. Anyway, a couple of pics.

Next up is another Survivor made from a GW Catachan with a X-bow from the Mordheim sprue.
I've been watching Walking Dead and wanted another Survivor with a X-bow (I already have Sadie) so this guy is her male counterpart.
I left the X-bow black for more of a tactical look. Tried my hand at a little urban camo.

Now for the Zombies. Victory Force Miniatures recently released these Medical Zombies and even had them on sale along with their Soldier Zombies at 10 minis in each set for $15 a set. I really like these two new sets, but I ended up with some duplicates, especially in the Medical set.

First up are the Football Scrub guys.  Got from left to right a Michigan fan, a University of Tennessee Vols fan, and an Ohio State Buckeye fan.

Next some Nurses. 
Another duplicate. I decided to paint the female Nurses in brightly colored scrubs.
The male Nurses above got more subdued colors. As you can see, another dup.

Next are the Docs.
I decided to blackline the Doc on the left. The duplicate one on the right received a wash on his coat instead of blacklining. I think I like the blacklining better. I also tried using a paint recipe I saw on SpaceJacker's blog, here. I really liked the way he did the white armor on his Jasmine Throne Battalion trooper. I used Citadel Codex Grey, Astronomicon Grey, and then Skull White. It didn't come out nearly as nicely as his did, but for me, I think it's pretty good. :)

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for looking. My next post will probably be a paper Stoelzel's Structure Firehouse I'm finishing off.  I saw an ad for it on TMP, and bought it, as well as his Hospital and Modular Lair. Here's a link to his stuff on Wargames Vault if you're interested. 


lrqan said...

Nuns have always frightened me, they'll sort out your zombie hoard.

Mathyoo said...

Got to hate the duplicates!

I like the crossbow converted guy, with his "army" pants and bandana he is approved badass heh.

About the docs, I think blacklining looks better, too. Yours is very nicely done. And white came out just nice, again, my opinion, but white itself is pretty boring colour, and having some grays seen trough makes it look more natural.

Henry's Tat said...

a nun with a gun, what’s not to like! great story btw, nice visual.

loving the zombies and survivor as well, how many zombies is that now?

Henry's Tat said...
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Zerloon said...

Ooooh, I really like the expression of the nun, really catchy!

You're Zombie Horde continue growing... O__O'

Adam said...

I love all the character involved in the Nun miniature, I've had my eye on that one for a bit now.

Your white on the doctors came out great. I struggle with white a lot myself (most of us do, I think).

Thanks for posting such great pictures.

Vampifan said...

You've got to love that nun! Smashing backstory, by the way.

Bad luck with all the duplicates but you've got round the problem very well. I like blacklining my figures and is something I'm doing all the time nowadays.

Brummie said...

Nicely done Joe. that Nun is an imposing figure I'd have to have a version of both. I can imagine her laying the smaketh down with that stick.

Nice conversion with the xbow guy.

Nice zeds as well dude that horde is certainly shaping up nicely.

Luckyjoe said...

Hi, everyone. Thanks very much for the kind remarks.

@Irqan: Yeah, nothing scarier than an angry Nun. :)

@Mathyoo: Yeah getting 5 duplicates out of 10 is a little much. I might name the X-bow guy George Thoroughgood, cuz he's "bad to the bone". :) Thanks for the encouragement about the blacklining and white, too. Those are both relatively new things for me.

@Henry's Tat: Glad you liked the backstory. I'm up to 206 Zombies now, including the 10 unpainted VFM Zombie Soldiers.

@Zerloon: That Nun is a cool mini. And yeah, the Horde is getting even bigger. :)

@Adam: Thanks very much. I am happy with the way the white came out, especially on the one with blacklining.

@Vampifan: I'm glad you like the backstory. I'm thinking I'll have to get some Hasslefree kids for her to protect. I got lucky with the blacklining. I found an old brush one of my sons had stripped down to only a few fibers. It worked great for blacklining. I'll be doing more of this technique.

@Brummie: Thanks. I was a little disappointed when I got the Nun because I thought she was supposed to have both hand options, but I got the gun and an empty hand instead of the gun and the ruler.

Lord Siwoc said...

Argh! I missed that deal!

Looking pretty good although I would have added more blood to them.

Luckyjoe said...

@Lord Siwoc: Thanks. Yeah, all of my other Zs have been pretty bloody.

brutpaul said...

Great story and yes, I like that nun too ;)

Ray Rousell said...

Great story about the Nun, she looks like she'd kick some unholy arse!!! Great job with the duplicate figures, they are a pain but what can you do!!!

The Extraordinarii said...

The Nun is awesome, so much character, I think she needs to say a few hail marys, just to calm her down !

Zombie Ad said...

That Sister Mary is EPIC! Love it!

Lead Legion said...

Good work Lucky Joe - and a great tale about the Biker Nun.

The Angry Lurker said...

Sister Maria is a gem and reminds me of my teacher back in primary school, evil bitch that she was.....

Spacejacker said...

These look great!
I think my white recipe is easier on a little 15mm figure as you don't have to blend over large areas, but keep practicing, it's all in figuring out how you like the highlights.

Dave Taylor's blog recently discussed using Vallejo pale wash for doing white on napoleonics, might be worth a try for 28's?

Luckyjoe said...

@BrutPaul: Thanks. She is one of my favorites.

@Ray: Thanks, the Sister is pretty badass.

@The Extordianarii: Yeah, I wish they had put her Rosary in her hand. She could also use it to keep track of ammo. :)

@Zombie Ad: Reaper did a great job on her and with all that black she was a quick paintjob, too.

@Lead Legion: Thanks, I still have that picture in my mind of her on the back of that chopper. :)

@Fran: LOL. I had one of those. Don't try to write left-handed in a Catholic school is all I can say. :)

@Spacejacker: Thanks. That's one thing I really don't know how to do: blending. I'll read up on that. I have Kevin Dallimore's Foundry Painting book, but I don't remember anything about blending in it. I will check out the pale wash. Thanks for the tip.

Jay said...

Great job, Joe. The Sister is second to none. And...why and what do zombies gargle!