Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zombie Horde Complete (for now)

Hi, everyone. Since I finished painting my last unpainted Zombie, I figured I'd take a few pics of them on the cityboard. Our cat, Tiffany was there to supervise. She was purring the whole time. I guess that means she approves. :)
Pics below taken from the Survivors side of the board.

Below pics are from the Zombie side.
Well, that's it for now. I've got that out of my system. Thanks for looking. Now I'm setting up a solo game of ATZ. Wish me luck. :)


Anne said...

They make an amazing display on that table. I knew you'd painted a lot of them, and seeing them like this makes me understand why you did it. Very, very nice.

Derek said...

Now that's a proper horde of zeds... beautiful work.

Zerloon said...

Sweet Jesus, this is a breathtaking view!
Awesome work!!!

Lord Siwoc said...

You have done an amazing work on these zeds! Well done indeed.

I too am about to embark on a solo game. I wish you the best on this journey!

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Great shots, taht is scary!

Brummie said...

Wowsers thats a serious horde dude. Very nice work sir!

Mathyoo said...

That is an impressive sight! Great work, Joe.

And if you will be pushing out your work at rate of last 2 days, I will need another 2 hours of the day just to drool!

Zombie Ad said...

Wow! Purrrrrfect! :)

lrqan said...

Too frightening by half. Thanks for the tips on the fences, I'll give it a bash.

Whiteface said...

Wow, just wow! You will need some serious firepower to stop this horde.

Are you going to play a regular ATZ game or a Day One scenario?

Whiteface / Oliver

Vampifan said...

Yes! That is what you call a proper zombie horde! The more the better! Good on yer, Joe!

Ironmonk said...

Joe, you inspire me. My mere 25 zeds is hardly an outbreak compared to that. Awesome work.

The Angry Lurker said...

What a mob, excellent stuff and good luck with the batrep....

Lead Legion said...

It really is a fantastic collection. And a fanastic table. But a giant moggy? as if those poor dumb zombie-bait survivors didn't have enough to worry about. You're cruel to your little lead men, Lucky Joe.

Adam said...

Wow, very impressive. It really looks great as a city set up with such a horde.
Can't wait to see a game report now.

Henry's Tat said...

I must admit I am green with envy! Great stuff.

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

@Anne: The numbers do help a lot with Zombies.

@Derek: This was a fun project.

@Zerloon: They will eventually fill that street, but that's years from. :)

@Lord Siwoc: Good luck with your game. I'm looking forward to your batrep.

@Dr. Willett: With all of those Zeds I didn't get to use a single one in my solo game. :)

@Brummie: I've been a fan of big Hordes:)

@Mathyoo: That's very nice of you. I actually have two more posts waiting to go in draft form so I didn't put too much up and bore everyone. :)

@Zombie Ad: LOL. At one point Tiffany started grooming herself and had the whole tabletop shaking. It looked like a quake. :)

@Irqan: My pleasure. I hope the fences come out well for you. I think they'll go good with your Shanty Town project.

@Oliver: I did a modified Day One scenario wherein me and one of my sons had to go collect my daughter from a hotzone downtown.

@Vampifan: Thanks, I can't field anywhere near as many Zeds as you, but it is a start.

@Ironmonk: Thanks, 25 zeds is a good number. You can certainly do a lot with 25.

@Fran: The batrep needs a few little tweaks, but almost ready.

@Lead Legion: LOL. I've been lucky with our moggy. She never messes with the minis, the worst she does is leave some cat hair behind. I can just see a mini finding a giant piece of cat hair - "We're gonna need a bigger gun..." :)

@Adam: Thanks. I've been working on making a good report. It's one of those learn as you go along ones.

@Henry's Tat: Thanks. It's very easy to do, actually. I just stopped my anti-psychotics, got a gallon of Jim Beam and had 9 days off work. Perhaps due to the Jim Beam and stopping the antipsychotics. :)

PapaSpanky said...

Of all the things to look at I noticed the x com background on your computer behind the cat. You are a fanatic!