Monday, July 9, 2012

Filling Station

Hi, friends. I'm posting some pics of my mostly finished Filling Station from Demo's Laser Cut Designs. This is a wonderful model with lots of excellent features. It comes with a playable interior, furnishings such as gas pumps, sinks, toilets, store shelves, even a big beer cooler. There's a nice weather shield over the pumps, and a huge marquee sign with the gas prices. There's a big 11.5" x 11.5 " mdf base upon which to mount the model. There are even free pdf graphics you can download for signs and cash registers. And it was all dead easy to build. The major pieces of the station are mdf, the furniture is on taskboard (kind of like thinner matte board. I made or downloaded some additional signage. Here's pics.
Here's an overhead shot featuring the marquee sign, weather shield, and gas pumps. I didn't use the big mdf base sheet and just set the models onto my city board table. I chose to use a blue background for the Station's signage and changed some of the wording.
Shot from a different angle. You can see a little of the building front.
The opposite side. The closest end of the building has two public Restrooms. I closed one door and left the other open. The doors are perfectly sized for the blue door frames. They have two hinge pieces that slot right into the frame so closely that they stay in place, even without glue. But because they are not glued, I can still open or close them. I really like the doors!
Here's a shot from the front of the station looking under the weather shield canopy into the store front. There's a WorldWorks Games ice machine and newspaper machine I made fresh for this build. The trashcans by the pumps are simple scratchbuilds. One is a plaster cast of the inside of a cover for a disposable plastic water bottle. The other is just a plastic cap from an empty tube of toothpaste, painted black and then drybrushed silver.
Just a different angle view.
View from the side along the front of the store.
View of the back from the side. There's an Employee's Only door that opens into the area behind the cash register/clerk station.
A view of the restroom side. The doors have the little male or female signs on them.
Speaking of restrooms. Here are the sinks and toilets.
An interior view. The floor tiles are from Stoelzel Structures Modular Urban Center Kit. The building is based on a vinyl floor tile. Against the far wall is one of the bookshelves that come with the Filling Station kit. In the middle of the floor is a 2-sided sloping shelf unit for merchandise. I need to make some stuff to put on the shelves. To the upper right is the big cooler cabinet, just below it along the right-hand wall is a paper ATM machine from WorldWorks Games. The long "L" shaped counter is part of the furniture that comes with the Filling Station kit. I have placed a couple of Hirst Arts bits on the countertop to represent a cash register and control for the gas pumps. To the left of the counter along the bottom wall are 2 video games from Stoelzel Structures kits.
 Another view of the interior layout. Even with furnishings in place there is still plenty of room for minis.
This shot shows the restrooms a little better and you can also see the video games slightly better.
Here's a shot of the front of the store with the weather shield removed.
This shot shows the awesome beer cooler and the ATM machine a little better.
The pic above shows some of the furnishings better. It also shows an Ohio Lottery sign. What's a convenience store without Lotto. The Lotto sign is also being used to cover the spot where the tab from the restroom divider wall shows on that back wall.
Pic above shows the two video games from the Stoelzel Structures Modular Lair Expansion 2. I screwed up the one on the right a little but I'll still use it.
This view is looking out through the store windows under the weather shield.
Looking down into one of the restrooms. Plenty of room. The toilet and sinks even have drain holes in them. How cool is that?
Here's a shot of one of the gas pumps. The blue graphic with the keypad and display is part of the free pdf download from Demo's Laser Cut Design webstore. I added the No Smoking symbol and the advertisement signs for the top of the pumps. The hoses for the pump handles are made from black wire from the Hobby Lobby jewelry section.
A view of the pump from the side. The pump handles fit into slots cut into the casing. The hoses and pump handles give a very nice 3d effect.
I just thought this was a nice scenic shot showing how well the filling station fits in on the table.

Well, that's all for now. I had a great time building this model. I hope you like it and will consider giving Demo's Laser Cut Designs a try.


PapaSpanky said...

Looks good! You know Im already a Demo fan, I was eyein that gas station. Thanks for showing it off!

Jay said...

Great job, Joe! Nice piece of scenery and battleground. BTW, you aren't drinking and driving the BMW are you!?

Anne said...

You guys have the most fun in the gaming world Joe!! The buildings and all Mayhem City is great. And then there are the killer cars you guys have. I really like the addition of the chain link fence, it adds so much character.

It's in the 60's here right now and I'm not sweating!!!

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Wow, seriously good detailing on this set.

Brummie said...

That is a thing of beauty sir! seriously nice job you have done!

lrqan said...

Ab. Fab. mate really good stuff.

Michael Awdry said...

That just looks superb! I love the details.

Vampifan said...

That is a thing of beauty! The level of detail is just what I love to see on a model building and your little additions bring the whole set to life. Outstanding work, Joe!

Spacejacker said...

Of all the gunfights that take place in gas stationsin movies, this one reminds me of the one in Grosse Point Blank. I thimk its the arcade machines. :)

Great piece,nnice work Joe!

Luckyjoe said...

@PapaSpanky: Thanks. It was your blog that got me interested in them. :)

@Jay: Thanks. The only thing I ever drink and drive with is a can of diet Mountain Dew. :)

@Anne: Thanks, it is fun putting together a tiny city. :) And most of the cars I'd like to have IRL. Glad to hear it's cooled down for you. It's 68 here now, pretty nice.

@Dr. Willet: Thanks very much. I spent some extra time on it.

@Brummie: Thanks. This is my new favorite.

@Irqan: Thanks. Wasn't Ab Fab a British show with 2 hot drunk chicks? :)

@Michael Awdry: Thanks very much. I spent some time thinking about what you see in a convenience store and tried to replicate it. Google was a big help.

@Vampifan: Thanks very much, Bryan. Coming from, the man I consider the King of Detail, that is high praise indeed.

@Spacejacker: Thanks. That is a very cool thing to say. That was a great movie.

Lord Siwoc said...


That is great work mate!!! I need to see what they have over there!

Will be getting one of these for sure!!!

Adam said...

You've done a great job with a fantastic set. I hope to own it someday as well.

cmnash said...

Shope Smart -Shop Super Gas Mart!!

err ... doesn't really fit does it?

Absolutely splendid work LJ! Now I'll have to finish my Ainsty Petrol ;) station to compare, won't I?

Zabadak said...

I think that this is probably the best model in the range and you've done an outstanding job on it LJ.

Ray Rousell said...

Fantastic, your building's seem to get better and better Joe! In some of the pics the model looks almost real!!

Clint said...

There is just one thing I don't like about this.... I don't posses it! Really nice work mate.

Sean said...

Wow! a fine bit of terrain you made there. I love all the details. Looks like Joe's next stop in the ATZ campaign.

Luckyjoe said...

@Lord Siwoc: Thanks very much. I think you'll be very impressed with it. It's a great model.

@Adam: Thanks. It's so nice it's easy to make it look good.

@CMNash: Thanks. You know I think I had that same thought myself, Gas Mart sounds a lot like S Mart. Great minds think alike. :) The Ainsty Gas Station looks great. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

@Zabadak: Thanks, Joe. I like it best, as well, but with the addition of the additional stories for the 28mm Shops, those are looking very good, too.

@Ray: Thanks very much. That's very kind of you to say that. I'm very pleased you think so.

@Clint: Thanks. :) It is a very cool model.

@Sean: Thanks. You're right. I need to play again soon. I should use it in my next game. Unfortunately, I have a lot of shifts in the next two weeks so it will probably be a while before I can get in a game. :(

Stoelzel's Structures said...

Gorgeous little gas station there Joe. The only thing I couldn't tell, how much is gallon going for?

Luckyjoe said...

@Stoelzel's Structures: Thanks very much, Carl. The gas signs are actually kind of funny. Steven from Demo's Laser Cut Designs has one of the signs from his pdf with the prices: Regular - Arm, Diesel - Leg, Cigarettes - Life. :) There's another version with prices in dollars. I put one of each on each side of the sign.

Rovanite said...

That is an extremely nice/detailed building! Great find and build! :)

Luckyjoe said...

@Rovanite: Thanks very much.

djk said...

This looks great, I can image quite a number of scenarios being played out there. I immediately thought of a number of films and shows that could be reproduced on this layout.

Luckyjoe said...

@djk: Thanks. I'm hoping to use it in a scenario soon.

Anonymous said...

WOW! That looks awesome! I will have to ask permission to use some of your photos on our business site. You did some incredible work and thank you for the kind review of our products.

Steven "Demo" Rohde
Owner of Demo's Laser-Cut Designs.