Sunday, October 17, 2010

15mm not Predator and not Whirlwind with Old Crow Turrets

Hi, everyone. I posted a few WIP pics of our ongoing 15K project to make some 15mm vehicles for Warhammer 40K in 15mm scale. The base vehicle is a Bravo Team 1/72 scale M113 APC. I ordered some turrets from Old Crow on a suggestion from a fellow TMPer. First off, these turrets are excellent. Very well modelled and a great value for the money. I had one each of the Tank Turret and the Missile Turret. As well as a couple of Goanna Scout Vehicles, but they're for another future article. Anyway, the turrets come with extra components so you can configure them differently. I attached some magnets in order to hold on the turrets and to allow quick swap-outs between Rhino, Predator, Whirlwind or Razorback. I still need to add decals, finish the paint job and seal them, but I mainly wanted to see how the turrets work with the M113. Here's the pics:

Pic above shows the Missile turret forward mounted and set lower. Pic below shows same mount set higher and on the rear of the hull.

Pic above shows the Tank Turret. I wanted a longer barrel so I scratchbuilt one. I'm saving the two barrels that came with the turret, perhaps for use with the Goannas. Anyway, I think the Old Crow Turrets work great for making some 15K not Predators and not Whirlwinds. For the not-Predators I need to add some side sponson mounted weapons, and I've been looking at using some of the EM4 Mech weaponry. I had a little post on that a while ago here.
Thanks for looking.

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Comrade S said...

Yay on the Whirlie, nay on the Predator. The turret should be further back - or the barrel shorter? Can't quite tell which, but that isn't it IMHO
Great project, though!