Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girl Gangers for Combat Zone

This a start on my Girl Gang for Combat Zone. They are a semi-professional paramilitary group composed entirely of women. The street name of their gang is the Black Widows. Hence the black clothing. The minis I used are EM4 plastic Gangers and Heroclix, and most have been converted. Here's some pics.
Below 2 pics: Left is a HeroClix mini with an EM4 plastic Ganger Head. The right one is an EM4 plastic Ganger with an HeroClix head.

2 pics below: Left is an EM4 plastic Ganger with minor changes to the head. Cut off a large feather headdress and removed a long braid. Right mini is a HeroClix repaint.

Pic at left is a plastic EM4 female Ganger with arms from the male ganger with a shotgun. I also trimmed the hair a little.

I'm thinking about adding a black hourglass shape onto the backs of these minis to go with the Black Widow motif. Only thing holding me back is I will probably screw it up. Anyway, thanks for looking.


Vampifan said...

I've always been a sucker for girl gangs and these are very nice. Your paint scheme is simple but effective - you cant go wrong with all black, can you?

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks, Vampifan. :) You're right. The classic lazy man's color scheme.