Sunday, October 17, 2010

A few more builds for the Combat Zone table

I finished off a few more ruins for our CoZo table and amde a base for the Platformer guard tower I posted before. Made it a little more sturdy and the base makes it look better.
The pic below shows the base. The base is a CD. The little silver blocks are wooden dowel and cut to size to fit into the underside of the footing pieces of the Guard Tower.

Pic below shows the Guard Tower in place on the base.

Here's the new ruins. Made the same way. Based on a 6" circular piece of craft wood. The walls are made with Hirst Arts Small Brick mold. The rubble comes from miscast Hirst Arts bricks from various molds. I just grab a handful of miscast bricks, put them in a plastic bag and whack them with a hammer. Glue the "rubble" onto the base. One thing I did which is different from most of the terrain I've made in the past is to use a 50-50 mix of Future Floor Wax and water with black craft paint, and spray that heavily onto the ruin with a plastic spray bottle. That's the only "paint these ruins get. And I've found that the Future also helps hold the rubble on the base. Paint and glue in one.

Thanks for looking.


Vampifan said...

Yet more very useful scenery. You're on a roll here, LJ!

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks, Vampifan. These were very quick and easy, but you're right. For me, I wanted some useful terrain for cover and blocking Line of Sight, and these fit the bill.