Saturday, October 16, 2010

28mm Warehouse for Combat Zone

Hi, folks. I've been working on a Warehouse to use on our Combat Zone table. A warehouse can have a lot of utility as far as missions. Part of the backstory for our CoZo table is that the terrain represents the borders between the Corporation areas and Ganger territory, a sort of transition zone. Many of the buildings were rebuilt for transition zone residents by the Corporations when the Corporations still cared about public relations. They didn't care that much, though. Most are cinder block and corrugated steel construction, and many have been ruined since that Corporate project. I used Hirst Arts Small Brick mold to represent the cinder blocks, and cereal card and crimper for the corrugated steel. The warehouse backstory is it is a recent renovation by a Corporation, which was conducted quickly and under tight security. Though Gangers and transition zone citizens wonder why the Corporation built a warehouse in their territory, it hasn't stopped them from planning how to get into it.

To show the modern renovations to the Warehouse I used several elements from Hirst Arts Sci Fi molds. Here's some pics.

The pic above shows the front of the Warehouse.

Pic above shows building side. Pic below is a detail shot the roof trapdoor.

Pic above shows the back of the building with the pic below showing the interior from the front.

Two pics below show interior from different angles.

Pic left shows the EM4 Mechs coming through the door, In the below pic they are deploying to defend the warehouse.

I may still add some signange, but I may leave it off. "Top Secret Storage, Extremely Valuable. Gangers Keep Out"? Dimensions are 11.5" long x 9.5" wide and around 7 inches tall. It's based on mdf and the roof is also mdf. The garage door is hinged at the top to allow it to swing open. The front door has a broad base and is just set into position.

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Vampifan said...

Joe, this has to be the best building you've made so far. I like it a lot and I'm glad to see you've paid as much attention to the interior as the exterior. One of the things I especially liked were the pile of black binbags outside the front door. Were they scratchbuilt? Anyway, they were a nice touch and it's often the little touches that help bring a model to life. Good work!

Luckyjoe said...

Hi, Vampifan. Thanks very much. This was a fun little project, it's essentially just a big box. The playable interior was a must for this project but doesn't even come close to the level of detail you achieve in your builds. I made the binbags following a tutorial on the Combat Zone Chronicles from an article called Putty Rubbish, here.

The Angry Lurker said...

That is a damn good building,very nice.

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks very much Mr. Angry. :)