Monday, June 28, 2010

15mm Hirst Arts Dungeon for Ganesha Games Song of Gold and Darkness

Got a few pics up of a little dungeon made from Hirst Arts molds. Molds used were the Flagstone floor mold #260 and the Fieldstone wall mold #70, some tiles from the Gothic Floor Tiles Mold #205. I'm using the dungeon for solo games of Song of Gold and Darkness, but I'm thinking it will be good for games of Fear and Faith, as well as D&D. You can see some Eureka minis (the blue and white Elves in the hallway) and some paper One Monk minis for monsters in the dungeons.

I like the way the blue floor in one of the rooms came out but I need to do some more work on the yellow room. The black base board the dungeon is resting upon has been painted with magnetic paint, but I haven't needed to add magnets to the bottom of the dungeon pieces yet, the pieces have soft foam bottoms and and are heavy enough that they don't slide on the baseboard. I do have some neodynium magnets to add if I need them.


Atom Kid said...

I was wondering how the Hirst Arts tiles size up with 15mm. Thanks for posting!

Luckyjoe said...

No problem. Hirst Arts is not really meant for 15mm but some of the stuff works well with 15mm. The fieldstone molds seem to work well, the cobblestone is okay, and the small brick mold is allright, but a little large. I saw a build where someone used the small brick mold for cinder blocks in a modern build in 15mm. That looked pretty good.