Friday, June 25, 2010

Mark's Dice Tower

My son Mark made his first dice tower for us to use for our tabletop wargaming. He used some Hirst Arts molds and hydrostone. It's based on mdf. I think it came out pretty well. Mark is actually an experienced Hirst Arts veteran, even though this is only his second build. His first build was a large ruined castle he built for his 5th grade art project from school. I showed him how to cast the bricks and plan his build, taught him how to use washes and drybrushing. He did all the work, though. His castle won best in show at a 12 school k through 8th grade meet. We were very proud of him, and now he's done us proud again. :)

Tomorrow we'll be playing some more Song of Blades and Heroes and we'll get a chance to use the dice tower. Wish us luck.


Hertz said...

I'm interested in buying this dice tower. How much does it cost? I'm from Brazil.


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Elizabeth Lambert said...

Well done Mark!