Monday, June 28, 2010

2 x 2 foot Terrain Boards

I made some terrain boards for 15mm Song of Blades and Heroes. The first was made on a 2 foot x 2 foot 1/4 inch mdf board covered with 5mm foamcore. I used the foamcore in order to give me a height offset for my river banks and to make the cobblestone road match the height of the surrounding land. The foamcore was cut into 4 sections with a river running between half the board and a road made from the Hirst Arts cobblestone mold running from the other direction. The grass is from a vinyl model RR grass mat. I made several modular terrain pieces to add to the basic board and ended up with enough for 2 boards. There's a bridge from an old Christmas Village set, a couple of hills, a couple of forest pieces, a field made from a boot cleaner, and an orchard from some model RR apple trees, some fences made from cork coasters, rocks from model RR molds, trees stumps from Zuzzy terrain, a ruin made from Hirst Art molds, a small tower made from Hirst Arts, some WorldWorks Games components; the "Deadly Encounters Portal" and a graveyard made from the Wildwood Grove set in 15mm with some model RR gravestones. I also included a few of the classic green pot scrubber hedges for authenticity :). The second 2x2 foot set was made really quickly with four 12 inch square vinyl floor tiles covered with more of the vinyl model RR grass mats cut down to size. Just sprayed the tiles with 3M spray adhesive and applied the grass mat pieces. You can see some of the Eureka 18mm Fantasy minis on the board near the bridge, Dwarves vs. Orcs.

I love being able to play a complete game on a 2x2 foot board. Takes up a lot less space than the 4 x 6 foot boards I'm used to. Here's some more pics.

Here's some pics of the quickie boards.

I was really pleased with how well the boards came out, especially since thye represent very little time or money investment. Thanks for looking.



Atom Kid said...

This is great! The more I read your blog, the more I think I need to switch to 15mm for fantasy skirmish. I've got a copy of SB&H but haven't tried it out yet.

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks. I'm loving 15mm. They paint up fast, look good, don't take up much storage space and hardly cost anything compared to 28mm. I think you'll like SBH once you try it. I played it solo first and now we play several games every weekend. Let me know how you like it.


Jon Christenson said...

Looks wonderful! Glad I stumbled across your blog!