Sunday, June 13, 2010

And so a Minotaur Warband for SBH was born

We discovered we didn't have a minotaur yesterday when we were playing Song of Blades and Heroes. We had to use a proxy with an old GW Chaos warrior wearing a horned helmet. My son Bob thought it would be cool to convert a mini to a minotaur. I remembered I had some ERTL Longhorn cattle so I thought I'd see what I could come up with.

The longhorn's head is a little too big but we don't mind. I cut off the longhorn's head and transplanted it to the Chaos warrior. A little contour putty around the join. Change the weapon to match the SBH Roster description. I cut off the chain of the flail from the shaft and pinned a piece of small wooden dowel to the shaft of the flail to create a maul. Spray with black primer. Voila - minotaur.

How about a Minotaur Warband? Plenty of longhorns and old chaos warriors laying around.

Next step: Paint the minotaurs.

1 comment:

Cosmic Aussie said...

That minotaur is perfect for a campaign i am running. Could you please tell me where you obtained it from?

This is not a bot, i am playing a minotaur Barbarian carrying a maul. It's PERFECT.