Sunday, June 13, 2010

Song of Blades and Heroes Game Weekend

We've lately been playing Song of Blades and Heroes. I have to divide my week between my apartment in the city where I work and at home with the family for Friday through Sunday. So I play Song of Blades and Heroes solo in 15mm at the apartment and with the kids in 28mm when I'm home. This was a really good weekend with multiple games of Song of Blades and Heroes. Last weekend we had sorted out all of our 28mm minis for use in SBH, and I had painted a 3' x 3' Zuzzy Terrain mat. This weekend we got to use them. I even had time to work on a Hirst Arts fieldstone dungeon for 15mm Song of Gold and Darkness solo dungeon gaming, but more on that later.

Players: David, Mark, Stephen, Robert and Dad. (4 of my seven sons :) One reason I go by "Luckyjoe") All warbands were 300 points.

Game 1: Stephen's Dwarves vs. Dad's High Elves. This was a short but fun game. Stephen beat me, down to 2 elves I conceded.

Game 2: Stephen's mixed Human, Elf, Dwarf warband vs. Dad's Undead Warband. Another short fun game which gave Stephen 2 wins in a row.

Game 3: Mark's Orcs vs. David's Undead. Close game that took almost an hour. Finally ended in a win for Mark.

Game 4: Stephen's mixed warband with an Air Elemental and Assassin vs. my Human WB. My first win. I had a lot of lucky rolls and and poor Stephen had a lot of poor rolls. Quick but fun.

Game 5: Bob's first game. His Human WB vs, Stephen's Mixed elf, dwarf and human WB. Win for Bob.

Game 6: 4 way game with Bob's Evil Humans and David's Undead against Mark's Orcs and Stephen's Evil Dwarves. A decisive win for Mark and Stephen, but it was a long game that was pretty close for most of the time.

Game 7: David's Dwarves vs. Mark's Orcs. This was a very close game that came down to 1 Orc against 1 dwarf. The dwarves came out on top in the end.

All in all, it was great fun. The boys just picked right up on this game and were having great fun. Sorry for the sparse nature of the reports. A lot was going on :). I'll try to put together a nice Battle report newt weekend.

Pics from Mark & David's last game.

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