Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blue Moon 15mm Pirate Brigantine

Hi, folks. This weekend I got my Blue Moon 15mm Pirate Brigantine. It had taken a while because my order had been misplaced. I finally sent them an e-mail this Thursday after waiting about 3 weeks to check my order status. Normally my Blue Moon orders come pretty fast so I was afraid the order was lost in the mail. I was told they'd get the order in the mail that day. I didn't expect to get it the next day, (Friday). I think that was great service. Okay, they made a mistke and the order was misplaced, but then they overnighted it to me. That was outstanding and a very pleasant surprise. I'd have been content to wait for regular mail. Thanks, Blue Moon. I'm a very happy customer. :)

Now about the ship. It's beautifully detailed and is an excellent bargain. You get a beutifully detailed, sturdy, resin ship, plus 10 cannon and carriages, along with 4 half cannon barrels (dummy cannons) for ports in the solid part of the hull. You also get dowels for the masts and yards and 6 metal accessories for the masts, a railing for the poop deck, and a nice ship's wheel. All this for only $25.00. You can pay almost that much for just the metal accessories that come with the ship.

The quality of the cating is very good. There were several small air bubbles, but nothing that can't fixed with putty.

The size of the ship is very appropriate for 15mm scale and my Blue Moon Pirate line minis fit right in with it. Actual ship dimensions are:
Length: 31.5 cm long (about 12 1/2 inches) A good 2 inches of the lenght is a bowsprit with a nice female figurehead.
Width: 63mm wide (about 2 1/2 inches wide)
Height: 52mm tall at the highest point of the hull at the stern. (About 2 inches tall).

Here's some pics:
There are 26 15mm minis onboard in this pic. I think this ship could easily hold 40 minis.

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