Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rebel Minis 15mm Greys

I finally got around to painting my Rebel Minis Greys. These are nice little minis that paint up very easily. I love the way the eyes were modeled. Their size made them very easy to paint, and allows them to stand out against the rest of the mini. The weapons are very nicely detailed and make a nice contrast to the relatively plain style of the rest of the body. I painted these with a white undercoat and then did a succession of blue washes, going back over with a lighter blue for highlights. I used a silver for the weapons with a black wash and a little red for the nubs on the weapons nozzles. Then I used a craft paint metallic purple for the eyes. It was a pretty fast paint job, and I'm pleased with the results, overall. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

90 New 15mm Zombies by the "dip" method

This weekend I finished off a quick, cheap project that netted us 90 zombies. I won an e-bay auction for 100 H/O scale model railroad people. One of the TMP posters (Agent Brown) had mentioned that he had used some H/O people to make Zombies for 15mm, so I wanted to try that, too.

I only ended up using 90 of the 100 because eight of them were in a sitting position. I did a little touch up paint on some of the minis prior to dipping, the rest I just dipped as is. Then I glued them in groups of 10 to one inch bases and in groups of 5 to 1/2 inch bases. I like green zombies so after dipping I went back and touched up some flesh with green. Then a quick Dullcoat, and here they are.

the whole 90

A 5 group with one of my fence sections

A 10 group with a Rebel Mini Modern Zombie
Zombie 10 with Rebel Minis Modern Zombie

H/O Scale model RR people - 1/87 and 1/100
H/O Scale RR People

Zombie 5 with a Rebel Minis Street Punk
Zombie 5 with a Rebel Minis Street Punk

Zombie 5 with Splintered Light Minis Armed Space Crew
Zombie 5 with Splintered Light Minis Armed Space Crew

Zombie 5 with Splintered Light Minis Ghoul
Zombie 5 with Splintered Light Minis Ghoul

Zombie 10 with Rebel Minis Modern Zombie
Zombie 10 with Rebel Minis Modern Zombie

Zombie 10 with Splintered Light Minis Armed Space Crew
Zombie 10 with Splintered Light Minis Armed Space Crew

Zombie 10 with Splintered Light Minis Ghoul
Zombie 10 with Splintered Light Minis Ghoul

Thanks for looking

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some 15mm minis for All Things Zombie

I recently got the Armed Space Crew from Splintered Light Minis. These are beautiful minis and even though they're not for Zombie gaming, they're gonna feature prominently in our next game of ATZ2. There are 6 minis in the set and I really like 4 of them especially. There's a not Malcolm Reynolds, not-Zoe, not-Wash and not-Jayne. I can't quite tell who the other 2 are, but they're still pretty good. Here's some pics:



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Painted up some Last Night on Earth Heroes

After painting the LNOE Zombies, I had to paint the Heroes. There are eight Heroes in the basic game with another 4 Heroes available from their website for $12. I might have to pick those up, also, though I think $12 for four 28mm plastic minis is a bit steep. Anyway, the heroes minis are pretty nice, with some good archtypal character types. Beautiful female nurse with a shotgun. Stalwart priest/preacher with a bible and torch, pretty farmer's daughter with a chainsaw, teenage schoolgirl with an axe and handgun, a guy with a flaregun and can of gasoline, a jock with a baseball bat, a uniformed modern sheriff with a flashlight and large bore handgun, and a drifter with an axe and meat cleaver. The poses are dynamic and sculpting is very nice, better than many metals I have seen. Sizewise, they're a little smaller than Clix figures, Heroscape, and GW.

Here's a pic of the Nurse with a Heroclix Thug for size comparison.

Another size comparison pic with a converted Horrorclix zombie

Schoolgirl and flaregun guy

Jock and Priest

Nurse and Sheriff

Drifter and Farmer's Daughter

Thanks for looking :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dipping some Last Night on Earth (LNOE) Zombies

I liked the results of using the dip so much on my HO people, I decided to try it on some LNOE Zombies. This time I was a little more experienced with the dip method and was careful to remove the excess dip quickly by dabbing with a piece of tissue paper. The tissue paper worked nicely to wick away the extra dip, leaving just enough to help pick out the rich details of these minis.

There are 14 zombies included in the LNOE Basic Game, as well as 8 heroes. The zombies come in multiples of 3 different poses, with 4 women (all in the same pose), and 8 men. The men are in 2 pose groups, 4 standing with the right arm extended, and 6 with both arm extended away from their bodies.

I first spray primed all of the minis with a flat white primer from WalMart. Once dry I block painted them assembly line style with craft paints. And then went back over them with red brown and black over the wounds - a method I saw described on another blog, but I can't find the blog again to them credit. :( Sorry, whoever you are, it was a great method and I really like the results. As soon as I find you again I'll give you proper credit. :)

Here's some Pics.

LNOE Zombie Ladies Front view:
LNOE Zombie Girls

LNOE Ladies Back view:
LNOE Zombie Girls back

LNOE Guys 1 Front view:
LNOE Zombie Guys 1

LNOE Guys 1 Back view:
LNOE Zombie Guys 1 back

LNOE Guys 2 Front view (1st three):
LNOE Zombie Guys 3

LNOE Guys 2 Front view (2nd three):
LNOE Zombie Guys 2

LNOE Guys 2 Back view (2nd three):
LNOE Zombie Guy 2 back

All of the LNOE Zombies together:
LNOE Zombies

Size comparison pic - converted Horrorclix "zombie" (green scrubs) with a LNOE Zombie
Converted Horrorclix and LNOE Zombie

Size Comparison pic - LNOE Zombie with a Heroclix Thug
LNOE Zombie and & Heroclix thug

I enjoyed painting these minis, and I thought the dip method worked well for them. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dipping H/O People

I needed some civilians for Zombie gaming. Rescue or lunch, maybe recruits. I had a few H/O scale people laying around and decided to try using them. I based them on 1/2 inch circular magnet bases, but didn't like the way they looked as pre-paints. I was looking for a quick way to bring them up to speed and wondered how they would look dipped with MinWax. I think they came out pretty good. I just ordered some more from e-bay. Here's a couple of pics of the test figures. I'll let them dry tonight and hit them with a coating of dull coat tomorrow morning.