Sunday, October 31, 2010

A couple of 28mm Sci Fi updates

A few little updates. Back in August I had one of those lucky finds shopping at Big Lots. I found a Secret Saturday Griffin Stealth jet for $5. I decided to see if I could convert to a dropship. Here's a link to the earlier post.
I finally painted it in the "night camo" pattern.

Pics above show the dropship with an AT43 container and some EM4 Troopers for scale.

Next is a quickie. A little while ago Vampifan had a nice review article on his blog featuring some Black Orc Games bikers and Black Scorpion Bikes and Bikers, here. I had some Hot Wheels Motorcycles I bought a while back for gaming, but I didn't have any riders. I was inspired to try out a Black Orc Games rider on the Hot Wheels Bikes. I had one Hot Wheels that is practically made to order for the Black Orc Games Rider. Here's some pics:
Pic below shows the Hot Wheels Bikes with a HeroClix mini. I used the bike in the center.

Pic below shows the HW bike with another HC mini for size.

A WIP shot of the assembled Black Orc Games Rider on the HW bike. All I had to do with the biker was spread his arms a little.

Below pic is the Rider after block painting and dipping. I still need to go back and retouch the rider, and maybe add a weapon on his back.

Overall, I think the Black Orc Games rider is a pretty good fit for the Hot Wheels bike. Thanks, Vampifan, for the tip about them.

Last item is another lucky find. This one from Hobby Lobby. In the clearance section I found a Battle Force Army playset for $2.39. It had 2 pretty nice Hummers and a Tank, plus some 54mm plastic soldiers. The Hummers are a hard plastic with black-tinted windows and pretty nice detail. Had a couple of goofy roof-mounted weapons which were easily removed. The tank required a little more work, mainly to the undercarriage, but still had pretty good detail. The 1st Hummer and Tank are now all done but painting, maybe will add some stowage. I taped the windows on the Hummer and took it apart and spray painted it with white primer, followed by a black spray.
Here's what it looked like initially, shown with a HC min for size.

More pics of the Hummers and the Tank to come next week. When these are done I'll use them for some Combat Zone games.

Thanks for looking, Luckyjoe.

Friday, October 29, 2010

15mm Sci Fi/Post-Apoc Fuel Tower

I just finished a little fuel tower for our 15mm gaming. I had a papier-mache cylinder sitting around for a while and mounted it onto a cd. Added some Hirst Arts Sci Fi bits, made a ladder from craft sticks and match sticks, and added railing from adhesive tile tape. Quick paint job with "Gunmetal" craft paint and a brown wash. Then a little sand, RR Ballast and flock for the base. Sealed with matte clear acrylic.

Thanks for looking,


Friday, October 22, 2010

Better pics of the 28mm not Firefly Smuggler Crew

I wasn't satisified with the pics I recently posted of the new Sgt Maj Minis Smuggler Crew minis. They're really nice minis but my pics didn't even come close to doing them justice. I took some pics outside, and some in my light box and was able to get a few better pics. They're still not great pics, but they're better. In order they are Alan the Pilot (not-Wash), Gina the 1st Mate (not-Zoe), and Adam the Mercenary (not-Jayne)

Thanks for looking, Luckyjoe.

28mm Sci Fi Warehouse update

I did a few enhancements for our Combat Zone Warehouse, based on some input from fellow TMPers. I added a sign mounted on magnets, a billboard for the roof with the billboard sign also on magnets, and some drainpipes for a little extra detail. Here's the pics.

Pic above shows the new billboard and sign for the warehouse. They were made using the WorldWorks Games Streets of Mayhem set. There's one of the new Sgt Maj Minis Smuggler Crew minis standing on the billboard platform. Mounting the signs on magnets lets me swap out the signs for the building and the billboard.

Pic above shows one of the drainpipes. It was made from some round sprue from EM4 minis. There's one of the new Sgt Maj Minis Smuggler Crew minis for size.

Pic above shows another drainpipe. Another one of the new Sgt Maj Minis Smuggler Crew minis for size.

Pic above is the back of the warehouse with two drainpipes and another Sgt Maj Minis Smuggler Crew mini.

Pic above shows the WWG billboard. I built it with the print-outs mounted on basswood. With one of the new Sgt Maj Minis not-Firefly crew for size.

Pic above shows the Billboard with the sign removed, reversed and placed on the ground with the magnets exposed on the billboard and the back of the sign.

Back of the billboard.

Thanks for looking. Luckyjoe

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Painted Sgt Maj Minis Smuggler Crew

I got 4 of these minis painted so far. Here's some pics.

The paint job actually looks better in real life.


Update on the 15K not Space Marine Vehicles

Hi, folks. I'm just about done with my vehicles for my 15K not Space Marine vehicle series. These were made using slightly converted Bravo Team 1/72 scale M113s. I still need to add side sponson weapons to the not Predator. There's a 15mm Blue Moon Orion Republic Heavy Infantry mini pictured for scale.

Thanks for looking,


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girl Gangers for Combat Zone

This a start on my Girl Gang for Combat Zone. They are a semi-professional paramilitary group composed entirely of women. The street name of their gang is the Black Widows. Hence the black clothing. The minis I used are EM4 plastic Gangers and Heroclix, and most have been converted. Here's some pics.
Below 2 pics: Left is a HeroClix mini with an EM4 plastic Ganger Head. The right one is an EM4 plastic Ganger with an HeroClix head.

2 pics below: Left is an EM4 plastic Ganger with minor changes to the head. Cut off a large feather headdress and removed a long braid. Right mini is a HeroClix repaint.

Pic at left is a plastic EM4 female Ganger with arms from the male ganger with a shotgun. I also trimmed the hair a little.

I'm thinking about adding a black hourglass shape onto the backs of these minis to go with the Black Widow motif. Only thing holding me back is I will probably screw it up. Anyway, thanks for looking.

15mm not Predator and not Whirlwind with Old Crow Turrets

Hi, everyone. I posted a few WIP pics of our ongoing 15K project to make some 15mm vehicles for Warhammer 40K in 15mm scale. The base vehicle is a Bravo Team 1/72 scale M113 APC. I ordered some turrets from Old Crow on a suggestion from a fellow TMPer. First off, these turrets are excellent. Very well modelled and a great value for the money. I had one each of the Tank Turret and the Missile Turret. As well as a couple of Goanna Scout Vehicles, but they're for another future article. Anyway, the turrets come with extra components so you can configure them differently. I attached some magnets in order to hold on the turrets and to allow quick swap-outs between Rhino, Predator, Whirlwind or Razorback. I still need to add decals, finish the paint job and seal them, but I mainly wanted to see how the turrets work with the M113. Here's the pics:

Pic above shows the Missile turret forward mounted and set lower. Pic below shows same mount set higher and on the rear of the hull.

Pic above shows the Tank Turret. I wanted a longer barrel so I scratchbuilt one. I'm saving the two barrels that came with the turret, perhaps for use with the Goannas. Anyway, I think the Old Crow Turrets work great for making some 15K not Predators and not Whirlwinds. For the not-Predators I need to add some side sponson mounted weapons, and I've been looking at using some of the EM4 Mech weaponry. I had a little post on that a while ago here.
Thanks for looking.

A few more builds for the Combat Zone table

I finished off a few more ruins for our CoZo table and amde a base for the Platformer guard tower I posted before. Made it a little more sturdy and the base makes it look better.
The pic below shows the base. The base is a CD. The little silver blocks are wooden dowel and cut to size to fit into the underside of the footing pieces of the Guard Tower.

Pic below shows the Guard Tower in place on the base.

Here's the new ruins. Made the same way. Based on a 6" circular piece of craft wood. The walls are made with Hirst Arts Small Brick mold. The rubble comes from miscast Hirst Arts bricks from various molds. I just grab a handful of miscast bricks, put them in a plastic bag and whack them with a hammer. Glue the "rubble" onto the base. One thing I did which is different from most of the terrain I've made in the past is to use a 50-50 mix of Future Floor Wax and water with black craft paint, and spray that heavily onto the ruin with a plastic spray bottle. That's the only "paint these ruins get. And I've found that the Future also helps hold the rubble on the base. Paint and glue in one.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

28mm Warehouse for Combat Zone

Hi, folks. I've been working on a Warehouse to use on our Combat Zone table. A warehouse can have a lot of utility as far as missions. Part of the backstory for our CoZo table is that the terrain represents the borders between the Corporation areas and Ganger territory, a sort of transition zone. Many of the buildings were rebuilt for transition zone residents by the Corporations when the Corporations still cared about public relations. They didn't care that much, though. Most are cinder block and corrugated steel construction, and many have been ruined since that Corporate project. I used Hirst Arts Small Brick mold to represent the cinder blocks, and cereal card and crimper for the corrugated steel. The warehouse backstory is it is a recent renovation by a Corporation, which was conducted quickly and under tight security. Though Gangers and transition zone citizens wonder why the Corporation built a warehouse in their territory, it hasn't stopped them from planning how to get into it.

To show the modern renovations to the Warehouse I used several elements from Hirst Arts Sci Fi molds. Here's some pics.

The pic above shows the front of the Warehouse.

Pic above shows building side. Pic below is a detail shot the roof trapdoor.

Pic above shows the back of the building with the pic below showing the interior from the front.

Two pics below show interior from different angles.

Pic left shows the EM4 Mechs coming through the door, In the below pic they are deploying to defend the warehouse.

I may still add some signange, but I may leave it off. "Top Secret Storage, Extremely Valuable. Gangers Keep Out"? Dimensions are 11.5" long x 9.5" wide and around 7 inches tall. It's based on mdf and the roof is also mdf. The garage door is hinged at the top to allow it to swing open. The front door has a broad base and is just set into position.

Thanks for looking,