All Things Zombie Terrain & Vehicles

This page has pics of some of the Terrain and Vehicles we use. 

Terrain is from Sarissa Precision, Gamecraft Miniatures, Demo's Laser Cut Designs, Stoelzel's Structures, WorldWorks Games, and some are scratchbuilt.
This is a scratchbuilt using a Lemax Christmas Village latex brick mat mounted onto foamcore for a brick texture.

An early shot of the cityboard. Note the unpainted mdf buildings. The cityboard is made from two 2 foot x 4 foot sections of 1/8 inch thich hardboard.

Pics are now featuring some street furniture like traffic cones, phone booths, mailboxes, fencing and benches, among other things.

The big building surrounded by the fencing is a warehouse made primarily from the Hirst Arts small brick mold.

A casualty marker made from a Clix figure.
Scratchbuilt dumpster

Gamecraft Miniatures 28mm MDF Old West building. Painted up, and furnished, it's used as a restaurant.

One of the Sarissa Precision 28mm Cityblock buildings painted up.

The building interior has had WorldWorks Games print-outs added.

Another Sarissa Precision building, done up as a Hair Salon. The Billboard is from Proxie Models.

Wallpaper from scrapbook paper, carpet from WWG.

Outside signage added.

Another Sarissa Precision building. Painted and detailed inside and out.

Another finished Sarissa Precision building.

The hinges and doorknob above were done with silver puff paint.

Another SP building, "the Roche Motel".

My favorite Sarissa building.

A shot showing some of the finished buildings and street furniture.

Ainsty Casting bow-front vending machines

Zombie Horde approaching the barricades.

Stoelzel's Structures Firehouse done up as a Paranormal Research Center ala Ghostbusters.
A little Zombie Basketball

In game shot.

In game shot.

In game shot.

Interior of the Curl Up & Dye Hair Salon, featuring furnishings.
In game shot.

In game shot.

In game shot.
Stoelzel's Structures Food Market.

Some scratchbuilt pallets.
Acheson Creations 28mm accessories.

In game shot.

Mr. Stoelzel's Neighborhood. Most of the houses are from Stoelzel's Structures. The white house is a kitbash scratchbuilt.

Mr. Stoelzel's Neighborhood, with trees, vehicles and fences. These are in game shots.

Demo's Laser Cut Designs Filling Station.


mindfad said...

How did u scratch build that dumpster,is there a post on ur blog?

Where were the weapons from in the weapon case? Awesome builds btw

Since ur into zombies u may be interested in this:

Anonymous said...

Wow, simply amazing. I love zombie games and would love to recreate such a great city scape. Is there a list of the vehicles? I bought some 1:43 cars but they appear too big. The ones in your pics seem the right size.

Slappie said...

Great job! I'm working on some similar stuff but am not as far along as you are.

Where did you get that fence for the warehouse building?


BTW: here's my sorely neglected blog: