Friday, July 23, 2010

15mm Scratchbuilt Sci-Fi Terrain

Hi, folks. A while ago I saw a cool thread on making sci-fi buildings from yogurt containers on the Orbital Barrage blog.

This inspired me to try something similar. A while back my sweet wife got me a single serving Keurig coffee machine. It uses little little sealed cups of coffee grounds (called K-Cups), similar in appearance to a yogurt container, though smaller. I thought those would make good 15mm terrain and decided to test it out.

Also made a slightly larger version from a container from a Snack Pack Lemon Pudding. Had to eat the pudding first to get the cup. Oh, the sacrifices we make for the hobby, now if I can just figure out how to make terrain from beer cans I'd be in heaven. :) Anyway, back to the article.

I cleaned out the 3 containers and primed them a darkish grey with Rustoleum spray primer. The color looked good for some kind of drab, prefab military or frontier habitat. I then did a wash with Magic Wash tinted with "burnt sienna" craft paint to give a rusty appearance. The cups would still be kind of plain without some external detail so I had to come up with something alog those lines. Fortunately I have been megacasting some of the Hirst Arts sc-fi molds for a Space Hulk board for my son Bob and had plenty of spare bits that would work well as detail pieces.

There are some Rebel minis and Khurasan minis pictured for size comparison. Thanks for looking and thanks to "Kelroy Was Here" from Orbital Barrage for the inspiration.


More 15mm Dungeon stuff

I made a few more dungeon pieces for our 15mm Hirst Arts fieldstone dungeon. This time I got a little fancy. :) I recently got the cracked floor tiles mold and used it for the first time. I really like this mold and was very pleased with the way the floors looked, even with minimal effort and talent :). I added a couple of little barred sections with torches for the hallways, a crypt room with some bonepiles, and an altar room with some torches and a skull idol with "jeweled eyes. Plus some coin piles. Here's some pics.

Thanks for looking.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

18mm Eureka Minis Wood Elf Warband for Song of Blades and Heroes

I got my Wood Elf Warband painted. I've been looking forward to painting these up. They are 18mm Eureka Minis from Eureka Minis USA. They have some very dynamic poses and are nicely detailed, and were a joy to paint up. I also added a "treeman" from a HorrorClix starter set. I was fortunate to have a painted example of some 18mm Eureka Wood Elves on Lead Adventure Forums from Andy. Looking at his Elves was a big help in painting my Elves. Thanks, Andy.

Here's some pics.

Thanks for looking.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Easy 15mm Farm Field

I was at a home improvement store this weekend and grabbed a couple of free outdoor carpet samples. The carpet had a nice earthtone color and it had some variably spaced rows on their surface. I thought it would make nice garden patches or fields for 15mm terrain. Took it home and drybrushed the closely spaced rows to look like wheat. The "ground" was already a nice earth color so nothing needed there. My son Mark suggested I paint the more widely spaced rows blue to look like some cabbage rows we had seen earlier while driving in the country. (Rural Ohio is a great place for inspiration to make farm terrain).

I also painted up some Hirst Arts fieldstone wall sections to go around the fields. The walls are 3/4 inch tall. They work better scale-wise for 28mm minis. I may make some more 1/2 inch high for our 15mm minis. That's a Splintered Light Minis Dark Elf in the gateway. Here's some pics:

The plain carpet sample

After drybrushing

Fieldstone walls

Thanks for looking.


300 pt Human Warband for Song of Blades and Heroes

Got a few pics of my latest Warband for Song of Blades and Heroes. These are all 15mm Rebel Minis. The Female mage is from their Cultist and Minions set and the archers and warriors are from their Mighty Armies Barbarian Warriors and Archers sets. I really like these guys. Good detail and they paint up pretty easily. Plus you can't beat them at the price. And customer service from Rebel Minis is excellent. Almost every single order I've made with them I've received in just 2 days. Anyway, back to our reguarly scheduled programming. :) Here's some pics:

Thanks for looking.