Monday, September 26, 2011

GW Garden of Morr for 15mm Fantasy

I recently got the GW Garden of Morr set. I really like it. It's beautifully modeled and detailed. I think the mausoleum buildings are a littleon the small side for 28mm, and wondered what they would look like with 15mm minis. I think they work fine with 15mm, and especially with 18mm. Here's some pics. What do you think?

I could see using these mausoleums to make some pretty cool 15mm Fantasy terrain. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And on that day, many tiny paper lizards lost their feet. Or how I made some leaves.

Hi, folks. I added a little vine to a new tower today. A while back I bought this hole punch that punches out little lizard shapes. I was going to use it for some Warhammer Fantasy Battles Lizardmen terrain. Then I noticed how much the feet look like leaves. I had punched out a whole bunch of the lizards from light green construction paper about 6 years ago, and they were still sitting in one of my bitz boxes. All of the lizards had mostly faded from a bright green to a light brown, even better for leaves in Mordheim.
So then I started performing multiple amputations on the poor, defenseless reptiles. (Insert evil laugh here)  :)
Pic above shows footed lizard on left with feetless pile on the right.
Pic below shows lizard feet... err, leaves, added to a sisal twine vine.
Another shot of the leaves. They also make pretty good leaf litter if you have the patience to defeet a bunch of lizards.
And there you have it. A pretty cheap, kind of wierd way to make leaves.