Wednesday, April 13, 2011

15mm Space Hulk WIP

Pic below shows a layout from the GW Space Hulk Mission Book made with Hirst Arts sci fi molds.

Hi, folks. I've been doing a little work on a new project. A "15mm sized" Space Hulk. I will also use it for ship interiors in my ongoing X-COM in 15mm project. It's made from Hirst Arts sci-fi molds and I am loosely following Bruce Hirst's Space Hulk plans. I switched out the floor tiles molds he recommended (1.5" floor tiles) for 1" floor tiles, and based it on 3mm art foam. I used the Industrial Edge mold for the walls, but had to substitute many of the larger pieces for the smaller 1" or 1/2" pieces. I'm working on some doors and trying a couple of different options. I'm trying to make some doors with Shrinky Dinks and some doors I will scratchbuild and make a custom mold using an Alumilite Mini Casting Kit. If you're not familiar with them Shrinky Dinks are a polymer film you can print designs on with an ink jet printer, bake in an oven and the film shrinks and thickens. I don't have any pics of them, yet, but they're not too bad. Anyway here's some pics.

Pic below shows Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Space Demons I will use for "GeneStealers".
And here's their opponents, Blue Moon 15mm Orion Republic Heavy Infantry who will sub in for Space Marines. The door pictured behind them is a cut-down version of a sci-fi door from the Hirst Arts Starship Wall Mold.

I haven't decided on a paint scheme, yet. I could go with the sort of silvery blue scheme from the X-Com computer game, but I'm also tempted to go with a sort of olive drab green. I'm hoping to recruit the boys to help me paint this set up, like they did with our full-sized Hirst Arts Space Hulk set we did a while ago, here. Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks for looking.