Saturday, August 14, 2010

Space Dungeon Finished!

Woot! Finally finished enough on my son Bob's Space Dungeon to call it finished, even though our projects never really are. :) I'm already thinking of new rooms and getting ready to make a smaller version for me in 15mm. This one is for 28mm and made with Hirst Arts molds following Bruce Hirst's excellent tutorials. We plan on using it for 40K Kill Team, maybe Space Hulk if I can get the rules and missions off Ebay. This project was great fun to build and turned into a real family affair with me doing the casting, my son Mark and I doing the building (Mark built all of the Advanced set). Painting was a group effort with my sons Bob, Stephen, Mark and I all working together. Toward the end of the casting I started casting the 2 HA Machinery builder molds to make equipment for the various rooms. Once again, Mark shone and built and painted all 16 of the main projects from the Machinery Builder tutorials Bruce produced. Painting of the Machinery is still WIP but I included them in the pics.

Power Converter machine in foreground. You can also see Mark's new Sci-Fi Dice Roller in the background.

That's part of the Death Ray in upper left.

Foreground shows Cryo Tubes.

Flight Deck with one of Stephen's Space Marines

Wide shot of the layout. There are over 120 separate pieces of hallways and rooms, not counting 37 doors, 15 ladders, and a bunch of fans and grates. The overall size of the layout pictured is 6' x 5' and there are another 20 pieces I didn't use because of lack of space.

If you're interested, the molds I used for this build were the Large Catwalk Mold #276, Large Grate Mold #277, Large Grate Accessory Mold #279, and the Industrial Edge Mold #325 for the Space dungeon, and Industrial Accessory Mold #326 and Machinery Builder Mold #327 for the machines in the rooms. They were all cast in Ultracal 30 using the wet water method and a simple homemade vibration table to help cut down on air bubbles. All of the rooms and hallways are mounted on 1/2 inch pinkfoam.

In case you've never seen the Hirst Arts website, you should check it out.

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slobberblood said...

OK, That's just fantastic....

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks. This is going to be an ongoing project for quite a while.