Monday, August 16, 2010

15mm "Necros" created from Rebel Minis Scourge

Here's some Rebel Minis Scourge I converted to be not-Necrons for "15K". These will be up against some Khurasan minis Space Demons (not-Tyranids), some Blue Moon Orion Republic Heavy Infantry (not-Space Marines), and some Shia Khan (not-Orks). This is a project I've sort of had in progress for awhile but am finally ready to pursue.

Easily enough for a 750 point army with:
1 Lord
3 Destroyers
4 Scarab bases
2 Units of 10 Warriors

Lord conversion

Another shot of the Lord showing one of the Scourge I used to create him. Conversion steps: Cut off the pistol, drilled through the hand, inserted a staff made from a piece of wire topped with a portion of a GW shield emblem. Used a piece of another GW shield to make the claws for the left hand. Then added a cape made from a piece of pie pan foil.

"Destroyer" conversions

The "destroyers" were made from Rebel Minis Scourge Heavy Weapons Team and GW scarabs

That leads to the last unit. Some bases of not-scarabs. These were some vaguely scarab shaped GW shield emblems from my bitz box.

If you go to Rebel minis site you'll see that this army cost about $18. :) This will be a really easy army to expand to 1000 pts. I can easily make some more Destroyers and scarabs, and someday I may try my hand at a 15mm not-monolith. Stay tuned for updates on the 3 other armies. I just got some more Khurasan Minis Space Demons in today's mail and already have a bunch painted and based, so that will probably be the next one ready.

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brutpaul said...

Very nice work! Especially the destroyers, great stuff!

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks! They were dead easy too. :)