Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sci-Fi Dice Tower

While we were working on our Space Dungeon, my 13 year old son Mark started planning another dice tower. This time a science fiction one. He was inspired by a cool Sci-Fi dice tower that Outpost Eagle posted over on the Ganesha Games forum.

Mark made his from Hirst Arts molds pieces, primarily Starship wall mold and Industrial Edge though others were also used. I always do extra casts when I'm casting for a project because the pieces are so cool everybody wants them for a build of their own. :) Mark even added in a little electronic tea light under the diceroller's roof that oscillates through a cascade of colors. The lights look really cool coming through the opening for the dice and the vents on the roof. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of the lighting effect. Maybe in another post. Anyway, it's based on MDF, and he used a little bit of plastic canvas for cross-stitching (granny grating) for the dice landing area. It still needs a little touch-up for the painting but overall it's pretty good (said the proud father).

More pics of the Sci-Fi Dice Roller:

If you haven't seen it yet here's a link to Mark's Fantasy Dice Roller he made previously.

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