Saturday, August 21, 2010

15K - 15mm Blue Moon Orion Republic Heavy Infantry

Hi, folks. I've been working on some of the new Blue Moon Orion Republic Heavy Infantry minis. Managed to get 10 of them ready for pics. These are great minis, well-sculpted and come 10 unique sculpts to a pack for $6. I'm planning to use them as not - Space Marines in 15mm 40K (15K). When I saw Spacejacker's excellent paintjob of these minis he posted back in July on the Tiny Solitary Soldiers blog I knew I had found my not - SMs. No way I can match the beautiful cammie paint job he did so I just went with a standard blue for the armor with gray or silver details on the armor, silver weapons and visors, and a black wash to bring out detail.

This is the leader. I painted his armor detail silver instead of gray. I'm trying to come up with a powerfist or chain sword for him. Any suggestions?

Heavy weapons guy. He has a stand to support the weapon but I chose to omit it.

One of the 5-man squads.

I've got 20 more of these guys halfway painted on the table now as well. Once finished I'll have a good 500point army for 15K. Thanks for looking,


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