Sunday, August 15, 2010

WIP 40K Terrain with Hirst Arts

Hi, folks. Back again with another update. My son Bob designed and built a couple of small pieces of terrain for some upcoming 40K Kill Team games. So far they have been built and primed but still need painting.

The first is a small guard tower. Very simple design but nice and open.

My son Mark designed and built these AA guns for the tower from the Industrial Accessory Mold #326, the Machinery Builder Mold #327 and a floor tile base from the Starship Deck Mold #270. I really like the way these guns came out. Simple construction but an effective piece.

Bob's design is pretty cool. He used a variety of bricks from several of the sci-fi molds. I like the way he used the ladder pieces from the Large Grate Accessory Mold #279 both for the access ladder and the platform railing.

Next piece is a bunker. Bob built it with another mix from the sci-fi molds.


Interior with control center

Side view with firing ports

Roof with ventillation fans

Another side view with firing ports

External piping and machinery

Well, there they are. I like these two pieces even if I am biased in favor of the builders. :) It's especially nice because we got some nice terrain and I didn't have to do any work. Thanks for looking,


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