Wednesday, August 25, 2010

15mm Space Dungeon Test Pieces

This is a little test piece for a 15mm space dungeon/ship/hulk/whatever. It's made using the Hirst Arts 1" Starship Deck Mold #270 and the Starship Wall Mold #301. The wallpieces are made to be 1.5" tall standing upright but for my 15mm scale build I'm just laying them on their sides so they will be 1" tall. I'll probably just use the 1" floor tiles with industrial edge mold pieces for corridors. See below.

Alternatively, I could just follow Bruce Hirst's tutorial for his Space Hulk project but switching out the 1.5" floor tiles he used for 1" floor tiles yielding what you see below.

The other option I'm considering is an arena style build wherein you cover the floor surface of the entire gameboard with floor tiles and then just use wall sections to delineate rooms or corridors. See below.

I like the sort of claustrophobic feel of the arena type set-up. The taller walls help give that impression for me.

Also the tight quarters give you the "Crap, what's around this corner?" kind of feel.

Anybody have any suggestions or favorites?

Anyway, thanks for looking. C&C welcome.


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