Monday, August 16, 2010

Sci Fi Diceroller Update

Hi, folks. We did a little touch-up painting on Mark's Dicetower and added some pics of the lighting effects from putting in a tea light. He still needs to base the diceroller, but it's almost done.

This is the back of the diceroller. Did a little touch up painting.

The pic above shows a little battery-operated tealight that cycles through different colors. Picked up a few packs of them on sale BigLots. Mark got the idea of attaching one to the underside of the roof with a piece of poster-tac. The pics below shows the lighting effect while it's doing the blue color.

The pic above shows the roof and some of the retouch on the side.
Here's a link to the previous post on this if you hadn't seen it. I think it cleaned up pretty nicely.
I like the way the lighting looks. It adds a lot to the build and was a really easy additiion. Thanks for looking,


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