Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bravo Team 1/72 scale M113

Hi, folks. I found this baby when I was shopping in Target. It's a Unimax Bravo Team 1/72 scale M113. It came as part of a set with some 1/72 scale pre-painted infantry and some scenery bits for $9.99. I got the only one they had. If they had more I would have bought them. The scenery bits included are a telephone pole, swing-arm gate, sandbag bunker, a couple of barrels, and a nice little pull-cart. If anyone is interested I will try to post pics of the scenery pieces. I really like this M113. It's made by the same company who made the Forces of Valor stuff. Apparently Bravo Team pieces are less detailed than the FOV, but I think it will work fine for my intended use. Which will be to paint it blue and use it as a not-Space Marine Rhino for 15K.

Rear view

Front view

M113 with some of my Blue Moon Orion Republic Heavy Infantry for scale.

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